KinnPorsche (2022)


The second son of the Mafia, Kinn Anakinn, is assaulted by an enemy causing him to flee from them until he meets Porsche Pitchaya – a young student who was hired as a part-time waiter at an entertainment establishment. Porsche saw the scene in the entertainment establishment but didn’t pay much attention to it.

But then… Kinn made an offer. If Porsche could save him from his enemies, he would pay a certain amount in return. Porsche, who has the best martial arts degree and is a national judo champion, decides to get involved and helps Kinn escape. Due to his striking combat skills, Kinn wants to hire Porsche to be his personal bodyguard.

Porsche was opposed and rejected Kinn, who would do anything to get what he wanted. After being terrorised by Kinn’s enemies and Kinn, he had no choice but to agree. Porsche didn’t want to be a part of this dangerous world because he was afraid that that only person he loved, his brother Porché Pitchaya, would get hurt. Porsche accepts Kinns ridiculous agreements and moves in to live with him.

There is still a mystery that Porsche has to face with some very unexpected events. Moreover, the intimacy with Kinn creates a turbulent feeling in their hearts that starts to shake and become love. That path will not be easy because of the many problems and many obstacles that will come to test their love – he must stand up to endure all the problems he faces.

Director: Pongchaiphat Sethanand [พงษ์ชัยพัฒน์ เศรษฐนันท์]

Also known as: รักโคตรร้ายสุดท้ายโคตรรัก KinnPorsche The Series


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Air Date: Dec 31, 2021

Genres: , , , ,

Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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  2. It was an amazing series, I have never seen a BL series. First time I watched it, I couldn’t help but appreciate the great thinking of the director, the script writer, wrote an amazing drama, everyone’s acting was very good, including Uncle. Kon’s performance is just outstanding

    My wish is to make a series or work in a film, God knows when the dream will come true

    1. It was an amazing series, I have never seen a BL series. First time I watched it, I couldn’t help but appreciate the great thinking of the director, the script writer, wrote an amazing drama, everyone’s acting was very good, including Uncle. Kon’s performance is just outstanding

      My wish is to make a series or work in a film, God knows when the dream will come true

  3. Usually comes out at 6:23 for me and it’s 7:34, I hope the person who uploads is okay because they’re taking longer than usual to upload the episode. It is out on KissAsian for anyone who can’t wait and would like to watch it now

      1. I should be out today. For me, it usually comes out at 6:23 but its 6:37 so I’m not sure when hopefully soon though

    1. it just came out 31 minutes ago and they normally have it on dramacool in the next couple of hours

          1. my god breath please don’t worry we will have the ep, you can wait a week so you’ll don’t die if you wait more times

        1. You watching their hard work for free you broke bitch, least you could do is be patient tf?!!!! or just stop whining and go buy eps legally smh!!!

        2. U ain’t had to be rude bro 😭 u asked a question and if u too broke to afford watching it before dramacool can upload it I suggest u get some patience 💀

        3. do you stan stray kids ? it’s a shame that we have someone like you in our fandom. Being rude to strangers because they tell you the truth is so stupid… you should start to learn what respect is

    1. You can see the 11th episode on “kisskh” on google you can choose other languages on the subtitles too.

  4. Also …..thailand actors hv the funniest English names ever…Lol Bible, Beer, Build. Apo is cool but Gameplay??. Lol.

  5. ugh i can’t wait any longer. where is everyone on twitter watching this cause i have no idea how they already watched the new episode

  6. I keep repeating ep 1-7, I’m so obsessed with this series. Everything about this show is perfect. This show will definitely be the end of me.

  7. istgggg waiting for these episodes feels like an eternity but i appreciate the uploaders work

    1. Bitch can’t u wait, u know that they are fucking uploading it for free and it takes 6-7 days to upload. If you can’t wait then go pay to watch it and shut the fuck up

  8. I fr am just in love with this entire series and this show has become my obsession I CANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  9. I know we can watch it here tomorrow but plsssssssss just post it in the morning like u did ep 5. thank youuuuu. 😊

      1. please recommend me a good bl series . I think i have watched all the good stuff here ,now im just tired of searching.

  10. Guys relax Kinn and Porsche on drama cool come out every SATURDAY During 5-6 . If you can’t wait to buy it on IQUIY

  11. We are getting the episodes for free and not have to pay for a iqiyi for a vip members so be patient and stop the annoying comments

  12. be patient. if you want to be uploaded so fast then do it yourself. its not as easy as u think

    1. Atleast ,,this is a request,, some are demanding as if they pay the uploaders.
      Anyways we really do appreciate the great work and hoping to get 5th episode soon.thank you😊

  13. yall calm down new eps usually come out ON SUNDAYS on this site so BE PATIENT LIKE ME IK ITS HARD BUT YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO


    Please give us more episodes, we are sick of waiting.

    1. Its a freaking ongoing site. If you can’t wait for the free episode and appreciate the site admins work. Go watch on original app after paying the subscription

    1. Me too . I thought I was the only one. I was here yesterday more than 10 times I think. 😂 I can’t thinking about I binge watched BeOnCloud vedios & tiktok vedios. it’s physically hard to relax.😢💔 I wanna know what happened to Vegas and what’s Kim’s gonna do. 😑

  15. Release dates for kinnporsche (may not be the exact same date on here)
    Ep 4- 30 April
    Ep 5- 7 may
    Ep 6- 14 may
    Ep 7- 21 may
    Ep 8- 28 may
    Ep 9- 4 June
    Ep 10- 11 June
    Ep 11- 18 June
    Ep 12- 25 June
    Ep 13- 2 July
    Ep 14- 9 July

  16. omg chill everyone, read the released schedule on OnBeCloud social media account. Be grateful that we got to watch this series for free. Honestly, I feel really guilty supporting it this way but wud can I do since I cannot afford to pay the subscription. I hope all of us can be kind and respect the uploader. 🙂

  17. Please I thought we’ll be getting episode 4 along side episode 3
    Please what happened, can someone explain

  18. what happened to episode 3 it was here a minute ago but when I tired to access it. They just put an add i couldnt get rid of and then just flat out deleted it. What is going on here

    1. NOOOOOOOO. I was waiting all week😭😭😭 I checked at least 15 times today to check if it was out and I barely hear about this?! I’m so irritated 😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Episode 3 is coming next week but the special episode is probably coming tomorrow.(episodes come out every Saturday)

      2. ep 3 doesnt come out till next week, they dont release an episode this week. I think its because of songkran which is a thai holiday that starts on the 13th of april and finishes on the 15th of april

  19. dude kinn has the brightest smile i have ever seen like it’s so pretty that i cannot express it in words. kinn looks the most handsome man when he smiles and the way he does that finger them( i mean when he calls porsche with his finger) is damn sexy and both guys have that smoll smoll (written cutely) smiley eyes awww i am in love with them. i’m really enjoying them they are fantastic artist. it’s their first BL project if I’m not wrong but it looks like they had done masters.. love love them.

  20. For anyone that is wondering, the eps air every Saturday and I believe that there are 14 eps in total. The episodes on here are the uncut version(should be at least). These will obviously air after they are officially released but the ones on here usually are released, at least, within 24 hrs of the official one. That should be everything tagt needs to be covered, hope this helps.

  21. First of all thanks u so much dramacool for adding this drama and secondly wanted to know when the 2nd ep will be out ? On which day does it Aires?? If anyone knows pls tell thank u

    1. You should check out a site named mydramalist, you can see whe episodes air and yiu can add dramas you want to watch and keep up with how many episodes you have watched.

  22. Thank you so much Dramacol, I was not hoping this series would be available except on the iYQi platform. For me it is hearteningm I wanted to see this series a lot and I also wanted to do it by subscribing and supporting this production, but I am having problems with the payment procedure, and so I will have to cancel everything … they should make the procedures easier and accessible to all the weights, otherwise they wouldn’t complain that people go to other streaming platforms to look for TV series! The problem is not ours of the users, but yours, because even if we want to support your work we cannot do it! That said, it looks like the uncut version to me too … so double thanks and double wow … amazing! Keep it up!
    I look forward to episode 2 and can’t wait to see how they presented the Vegas / Pete couple, which seems to me the most problematic of all, given their strange relationship that not everyone could understand.

    1. So it would seem to me too … we will have to wait for the more “intense” scenes to understand if it is La Forte or the television version. I imagine that certain explicit scenes on television (especially in Thailand) cannot be seen …

      1. The series is broadcast on iYQi every Saturday night at 24.00, so here it will be available on Monday, I think … for the other series at least it works like this, two days after airing … but again thanks that we can see it

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