Link: Eat, Love, Die (2022) Episode 8

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31 Comments to “Link: Eat, Love, Die (2022) Episode 8

  1. Truly great drama, among many mediocre. Main characters are refreshing, have a great chemistry! I particularly lile that its mixing genres, and always have a little bit of humor.

  2. i have a theory that maybe dahyuns father kidnapped and/or murdered gyehoons sister, because think about it 1 hes not in the picture and we know nothing about her father, so i think thats why dahyuns grandma and mom have experience about killing, cause they found out dahyuns father kidnapped gyehoons sister and then you know killed him. Also explains why theyre weary about dahyuns memory during that time cause they dont want her to know. This theory could also explain why stalker guy told gyehoon that he really doesnt want to know about who killed his sister because of gyehoons ‘relationship’ with dahyun and wont be able to look at her the same. This is just my theory and i think it makes sense. Reply with what you think

  3. It breaks my heart how a single person (the murderer) messed up lives of 5 children…They all have broken and flawed personalities now…

  4. spoilerrr!! idont wanna spoil_it for u but i think dahyun went through heart surgery and they took his sisters heart and theres probability his sister is alive wating for a donor or not . But this can explain why he can feel her just like he used to do when his sister was alive .

      1. lol good question but i have a theory similar that yk her father killed chefs sister cuz dahyun needed a heart donor and yk eun gyehoon felt his sister die and halmoni and eomma hid the body of his sister thats why they have an experience

    Ik the grandma and mom are suspects, but I don’t think it was them. The experience they had with killing + hiding a body came from them killing the grandma’s husband, who abused them. But the way they reacted when they thought Da-hyun had her childhood memories back is suspicious.
    I feel like it’s one of those guys who hang out together (I’m referring to the town ppl, the women and men hang out separately, I think it’s one of those men).
    IM STILL SUPER CONFUSED THOUGH,,,,, WHO ELSE COULD BE THE MURDERER???? also, I love the fact that Eun-Jung was not his sister but the older sister of his previous victim. Love this show and I’m so excited for the next episode <33333

  6. Right now I think Da-Hyun grandma and mother have something to do with the death of Eun Kye Young… I mean, she lost her memory because of an accident and they covered her death? idk haha this drama is super interesting

  7. Did she took her away… To play? And Was it just an accident and her mom and grandma dif cover it up? Coz they weren’t saving her for the first time… (rolling “dead body” into the carpet for the first time….?)
    Is she really dead? Does she transformed her power to her or he never really felt his sister but was it always her only.

    Or is his lil sis still alive and now she’s a 👮 police officer ?

  8. Ok.So here I’m totally speechless .This series is full of curiosity, mystery, Comedy and Romance.I’m so in love with Main leads,like the chemistry and the bond they make together is just wow!!
    I think I’m losing myself, this is gonna be my Comfort Drama so Far>>>
    And I am so into Fantasy and this drama is just perfect for me😩
    I can’t wait but I also don’t want to end this drama .Idk what to do.Somebody help ..Aishhhh Jinjjaa mIcchigaene༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  9. Oh my fking good wthhhh is going. I mean its going according to our theories but if wontak’s father didn’t kill gyehoons sister then who did? And i still think that dahyun was involved she knows something but she still cant remember. Ok so thier finally goin to be together in the next ep plz tell me im right lol… And wthhh she can feel him tooooo ! HOW CAN I WAIT THAT LONG!, This drama is getting frickin exciting!

  10. What the hell is going on! 😳this drama is going to be super interesting and fun to watch guys
    You should tune in until the end. but the hard thing is that we have to wait week but I am very curious about everything I hope everything goes well

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