Love Alarm 2 (2021)


The romantic comedy “Love Alarm” revolves around a mobile phone application that notifies its owner when someone has feelings for them within 10 meters. It’s a love triangle between high school student Kim Jo Jo and two guys from the same school.

In the second season,  Kim Jo Jo sets out to uninstall the shield and make the app ring for her one true love.

Also known as: 좋아하면 울리는 2 /  Love Alarm S2/  Love Alarm Season 2


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Mar 12, 2021

Genres: , , , ,

Starring: , , , ,

Love Alarm 2 (2021) trailer

82 Comments to “Love Alarm 2 (2021)

  1. I am so inlove with Hye yeong. Jojo deserve someone like him who always there for her. I am so broken in season one, But then so happy in season 2 when Jojo finally see his worth and sacrifices..

    So don’t hate guys! Even in real life we ended up weighing the efforts of our suitors. Not every girl want a rich guy but whom they comfortable to be with without hindrances.

  2. Nxaaaa. This drama got all wrong. They twisted the story a lot in season 2. They should have made Hye Young appear in most of the scenes in season 1 if they were going to make him the lead in this one .I didn’t really like the way things ended in this season at all because of the hopes they had given us in season 1.
    I have to give it to you though. Season 1 was a blast

  3. Don’t bother watching the series… I am giving the writer nothing.. The girl ended up with the wrong person at the end… Hisses

  4. This drama is not worth watching
    Worst drama i have ever watched the ending was so unfair
    It hurts soo much to me
    I am regretting watching this drama😥

  5. To be honest season 1 was not horrible at all it had really good acting and it was very emotional I feel like they put in lots of effort although season 2 seems rushed I don’t know what it is but maybe because sohyun and I think Song Kang was stacked up with dramas. I don’t understand why everyone is hating on the drama just because she did not end up with sun oh of course I want that too but did you not see he also had a happy ending so did Jojo. Jojo ran the marathon because she didn’t want to run from her problems. she did not end up with sun oh for a reason I think it’s because they both grew up in totally different environments even though they liked each other does not mean it will forever be a happy ending. I waited a whole 2 years for sun-oh and Jojo to get together but that did not happen so I’m waiting for season 3. you can’t lie that season 1 was bad even I can say that season 1 was great can’t say the same about season 2…

  6. This drama freaking sucks, WORST EVER, I HATE It.
    Even the trailer was more hopeful than this stupid episodes
    But if theres s3 I hope🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞JOJO, SUNOH

    1. the first season was honestly pretty good, but when it came to the 2nd season it crashed. its as if the director of this season wanted to make more money but didnt know how to get the 2 back together so they just decided to just make her date Hye Yeong. i hope if theres season 3 it gets better.

    1. I don’t like he ending .. I feel so disappointed.. Maganda sna kaso panget Ng ending, Its just a waste of time viewing this.

  7. I don’t like ending 😭😭 I was expecting sun oh and JoJo to be together and I was expecting until last 15 minutes to make a twist and get them back together 😭😭 I really regret to watch this season, it would be better for me to think sun oh and JoJo as lead character but this season broke my expectations. Please do something and get them back together in season 3 because everyone who waited desperately for this season doesn’t like season 2 at all we all request you to make season 3 and give a happy ending with a love life of sun oh and JoJo😭😭🙏🙏

    1. waitt so you telling me they don’t get together… bruh i’m at ep 6 damnn i really though they where getting back together…

    1. Worst drama ever coz jojo chose hae yung over sun oh i dont like this frama at aall..There is nothing he’s deserve for. It’s was sun oh who should deserve that.

  8. My personal though is I don’t care who will be her partner but I want to look his ways on how he treat.. that give more happiness than sadness…who not being so over about himself and his though toward the girl until he forget what different she is..he have to accept and understand

    1. I totally agree with you!!! it just drags on, it’s boring boring they act like 14 year olds
      She’s such a good actress …what a waste of good talent.


  10. I like suh noh for her partner until the end… While hye for the 2nd lead man it’s I’m sad but he didn’t confess his feeling in the first time he ask sun noh.. He always denied. That why I like sun noh until the end for her partner and her lover forever

  11. No guy’s if you go to the youtube video recommended on the top right coner, at the end of the video jojo wored a white pant and black shoe.

    And i the youtube video at the end jojo wored exactly the same shoe and pant on this video running towards Sun Oh.
    And they hug.

    I think they might end up together. (

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