Love All Play (2022) Episode 9

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30 Comments to “Love All Play (2022) Episode 9

  1. wait wait wait wait guys I’m dying why you guys like this I think it was okay the girl at ha reason to be upset with the girl it’s fear like if it was me I would have been pissed too but you guys it’s a good movie I don’t know about you guys lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol They just need to work on things

  2. with all this rubbish happening in this movie hope there is no award for everybody that acted this movie the movie name and wat we are watching is not the same am giving this movie 0/10

  3. Close to the ending of the episode I feel like too much was going on so everything looked choppy and disorganized

  4. Fuck Junyoung or however you spell her name. She’s such a bitch omg. I can’t handle the level of anger I feel for her. Yes i know her whole life was flipped upside down but the main girls life has always been upside down. The level of hostility needs to stop

    1. she wont get back to her ex and we should thank her for that ! junghwan hasnt seen her in years its time to move on

  5. I don’t know why but I have the feeling that Junyoung is also to blame on this injury of hers. It was an accident but something is missing in this plot and her ex must know something. Let’s see next episodes, this could be because I really don’t like the way she treats people just because her career ended hahaha

  6. Is it just me or Park taeyang can really be annoying? She really made my blood boil this episode 😭😭

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