Melancholia (2021)


Set at a corrupt private high school with preferential treatment, “Melancholia” will tell the beautiful story of a math teacher and a genius math student.

Ji Yoon Soo is a high school math teacher who appears good-natured on the outside but gets very tenacious and stubborn once she makes up her mind about something. Extremely passionate about math, she is a teacher who encourages her students to find their own answers.

Math genius Baek Seung Yoo is a guy of few words who is a voluntary outsider and enjoys taking photos with a DSLR camera. Although ranked last place at his high school, he actually dominated math Olympiads when he was younger, entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at age 10, and dropped out at age 12.

Original Network: tvN;

Also known as: 멜랑꼴리아 Mellangkollia Melangoria


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Oct 20, 2021

Genres: ,

Starring: ,

31 Comments to “Melancholia (2021)

  1. i’m not going to lie i saw just a few scene’s of this drama on tiktok and these comments are making me question if i should watch this or not

  2. From the very first episode,they gave us on idea of romance between the lead actors at least that’s what I thought but to my surprise they haven’t showed any such romantic scenes between the lead actors which is actually very annoying!
    They should end up together otherwise what’s the point?

  3. Why are people so butthurt about this drama about forbidden school romance? It’s on the synopsis, it’s a taboo topic, and you still chose to watch it. Why complain?

  4. The fact that most of you are showing hate to the drama or the actors but still watching it up till now is funny…

  5. This show is getting annoying. How can they portray him as a calculative genius but he hasn’t made a single smart move in the series. The average person is even smarter than him

  6. I do not agree calling them perverts nobody was out to get one another it happened for him to fall in love with a woman!!!!! Most woman knows how to show appreciation and all men loves that !!!! No matter what age ,, men loves to be encouraged and admired

      1. its not like she intended for him to like her. She didnt have feelings for him until he was an adult bc he was always by her side and he helped her out when she needed it. its not perverted unless she had feelings for him when he was still a student.

      2. He’s an adult and so is she. Stop living in the past already lol. Did they have any kind of physical relations or any kind of other “perverted” as you say moves? No… then live on, if you don’t want to watch it, then don’t. There is an “X” button on your tab or you can just ALT F4. Series are prone to have different types of watchers, but calling a series perverted, sickening, or any underrated names because of your ideals is undervaluing the work put in it by everyone. So please, do watch if you want, if not close, if you want to live constructive critiques, go for it, if not … once again .. close 🙂

    1. by the time she started having feelings for him he wasnt even a student anymore ? its not like she intended for him to like her

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