Melting Me Softly


“Please melt me” is tvN’s fantastic sci-fic drama about a man and a woman who decide to take part in a project in which they must be frozen for 24 hours. However, due to a mysterious scheme, they wake up 20 years later and experience some dangerous side effects of the experiment. To survive, they need to maintain a core body temperature of 31.5 degrees Celsius (approximately 88.7 degrees Fahrenheit).

Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) is a producer who makes hits out of every show he creates. He personally participates in his new show “Frozen Human Project,” where the participants to be frozen for 24 hours. However, when he wakes up, he learns that 20 years have passed. While his parents, younger brother, girlfriend and colleagues have aged 20 years, he has maintained his perfect appearance and youth.

Also known as: 날 녹여줘 / Make Me Melt / Let Me Melt / Please Melt Me / Melt Me / 날 녹여주 / 날 녹여주오 / Nal Nokyeojweo

Episodes: 16
Airs: Sep 28, 2019 – Nov 17, 2019
Airs On: Saturday, Sunday


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: , , , ,

Starring: , ,

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66 Comments to “Melting Me Softly

  1. I will start watching this now….. i think there’s a few episode to wait…coz i dont want the feeling of waiting FOR next episode… thats why i only starting to watch it now… ?❤ ILOVEYOU JCW❤❤❤

  2. Omg i love this drama i’ve been waiting for the next episodes for days now. Hope they’ll release soon. Wookie and Jin ah are so damn cute together:3 i luv you guys mwah

  3. ko mi ran is annoying,for dong chan character,is it that easy to fall out of love? the story is lacking in so many ways.i love JCW though.

    1. yes, the female lead is stiff. It’s hard for her to show emotions. Too bad JCW didn’t choose an action drama like Vagabond. Because this drama is a Lil boring. I know its not his fault but the writers and his stiff partner.

  4. I expected JCW’s acting to be rusty and his good looks fading after his military service passage of time, but quite the opposite. His acting is much better than in Suspicious Partner, and his appearance indicates he is going to be blessed with the kind of “George Clooney” good looks that actually get better with age. Let’s hope he holds to a good reputation born of actual good character without scandals! That will be a challenge, since the industry tends to be the ruin of stellar character.

  5. Eagerly waiting for your comeback on the big screen???
    Love your acting and all❤️❤️❤️

  6. LOL…OK, even this old grandma is a fan who thinks “Wookie” (seriously?) is a super handsome young man. But…let’s handle our admiration responsibly and not be the cause of so much praise it topples him from being grounded. It would be a crying shame if he let his looks and popularity ruin his character.

  7. Yehhheeeyyyyyy we will see you again on kdrama wookie
    And we hope on your next project You and. Song Hye Kye will be lead actor and actress ???????????

  8. Excited to see you on the big screen Wokie…
    Were always here to support you JI CHANG WOOK!!!

  9. I’m so happy and excited to watch this new drama of yours! …
    Chukahaeyo JICHANGWOOK??????????

  10. Can’t WAIt to SEE YOU
    On BIG Screen #jcw..
    jcw’angels Philippines..always
    support you..we love you..

  11. I will always support you OPPA(JI CHANG WOOK)???
    Cant wait to see your new drama-MELT ME????
    I LOVE YOU 4-ever❤❤❤❤❤

  12. will definitely wait for your upcoming project…
    am out of words to describe Ji Chang Wook
    he is an epitome of handsomeness
    a great actor and singer… like his groove too
    a total package

  13. Drama Cool!! So excited! Looking forward to watch Ji Chang Wook’s new tv drama. Ji Chang Wook’s drama is ‘’must watch’

  14. Waiting excitedly here! Watching Wookie in kdrama is what we are waiting for so long! We live you Wooike! Solid JCW FOREVER here in d Philippines! LOYAL! ?????????. #JCWinPH ???????

  15. Can’t WAIt to SEE YOU MY WONDer WOokie
    On BIG Screen ? YoU’RE the BEsT HANDSOME DUDe
    Much LOVE ? you know from ??????지 창욱 사 ㄹ아ㅗ애

  16. Ji Chang Wook’s tv drama is must watch. No exceptions!

    I am looking forward to enjoy his new tv drama “Melting me”

  17. will be waiting for his next Kdrama…
    am out of words to describe Ji Chang Wook
    he is an epitome of handsomeness
    a great actor and singer… like his groove too
    a total package

  18. Can’t wait to see you again in kdrama Wooki! I am so excited! Luv u WOOKIE! Will support you all d way! Solid JCW FOREVER here! Loyal! ?????????.
    #JCWinPH ????????????

  19. Oh my, so excited to see Wookie again in kdrama, looking forward to this most awaited drama of JI CHANG WOOK! You are so good and so handsome in and out, love you so dearly Wookie! God bless you always
    and take care! ❤❤❤??

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