Meow, the Secret Boy


Sol Ah is an exceptional graphic designer who dreams to have a web-toon for herself. She is a lover of cats and is a happy go lucky woman. Her life takes a turn when she brings a cat that can morph into a human called Hong Jo. He likes So Ah a lot but he resists the urge to reveal his human form to her.

Will she ever find out who Hong Jo is? Will it always remain a secret.

Also Known as: 어서와 / Sigppang Gubneun Namja / Sikbbang Goobneun Namja / Eosowa / Man Who Bakes Bread / The Man Who Bakes Bread / Man Who Toasts Bread / Man That Bakes Bread / Come Here / Come On / Welcome Home / Welcome / Meow the Secret Boy


Status: Completed

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Meow, the Secret Boy trailer

10 Comments to “Meow, the Secret Boy

  1. Wahhhhhh ! A fascinating new Korean Drama. I knew it L Oppa never fail to amuse me ❤️ Keep up the good work KIM MYUNG SOO OPPA 💞 Stay safe always, God bless you ♥️💞

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