MINE (2021)


Seo Hee Soo used to be a top actress and now she is married to the chaebol group Hyowon’s second son. She puts in all sorts of effort after entering the new world of chaebol families and manages to keep her presence and true colors.

Hyowon’s first daughter-in-law Jung Seo Hyun is a chaebol down to her bones. Born from a traditional and wealthy family, she was born with elegance, dignity, and intelligence. She is also rational to the point that she can maintain a cold expression no matter the situation.

Director: Lee Na Jeong [이나정]

Also known as: 마인 : MINE / 블루다이아 / Beulludaia / Main : MINE / Blue Diamond


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: May 08, 2021

Genres: , ,

Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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  1. Gosh…a drama that didn’t treat Christianity as a joke…almost. It made it almost to the end without biblical heresy. No Bible knowledgable Catholic nun would say lesbianism is “not a sin,” since Scripture plainly says (in multiple places) no homosexual (adulterer and fornicator as well) will enter the kingdom of heaven. If that is true (and that’s what it says), then you have a nun encouraging someone to miss heaven. That isn’t being “tolerant,” that’s being vile.

    1. I would treat your Christianity as a joke if I were there. Because that’s what it is. A joke. And I’d fuck your “god” up real good it would render it speechless. You got lucky your “god” is imaginary, or else what I’d do to it wouldn’t be pretty.

      Oh and if there were such things as “hell” and “heaven”, I’d totally choose the “devil” and “hell” over your “god” and “heaven”. “Demons” sound so chill and cool in the stories. They don’t treat women badly, and they don’t discriminate against gay people. They give us “free will” to choose our own path, while your “god” wants “robots” that obey it without question. Your “god” is a vile creature, while “demons” are misinterpreted.

      A lot of fellow smart nonbelievers would be in “hell”, and I bet they’d have already invented some sort of technology with the “demons” helping them to cool the place down.

      To “hell” I’d go, gladly.

      But meh, these places and creatures, “hell” and “heaven”, “demons” and “god”, are imaginary so that’s nothing but an if.

      1. Excuse me u’ld better watch ur words coz u have no right to say whatever bullshit u r saying. God has given his people free will to do whatever they want and if u choose him “god” u will have to obey his rules and if not and choose the “devil” then it’s ur choice. No one is forcing u to believe in God if u don’t want to. Also only him ” god” knows whether some1 will go to hell or heaven whether u believe in him or not.

        Am just tryna say that everyone on this earth has got a free will so don’t assume that pple who believe in God r oppressed ,restricted it’s just that we chose to live that way and we r good.

      2. ahahhaha you need to learn how to respect other peoples religions and first of all do your research abt Christianity before you wanna talk shit . God gave us a free will to choose our path and he even gave his only son to die on the cross for your musty ass , so dont be tryna act like you know everything when you dont even know how much hes sacrificed for us

        1. Are you sure no one is forcing him to believe in god? Are you sure that countless innocent died and hurt for not simply choosing to believe in your shitty greedy anti-gay god? Stop lying you fucking christan scum of earth. It’s your made up religion and your followers who take away our free will. In terms of research go search the internet how many people in history were attacked or hurt for being scientist or even standing up for basic laws for people that you take away. If you think your fairy tale book is all you need to read to know everything that makes you an ignorant. You cannot demand someone to value your religious value by ignoring your wrong doings and threatening them about going to hell and burning for eternity at the sametime.

      3. Use your brain before spouting nonsense! Even if you don’t believe in God, there are only 2 gender in this world. Choosing to be a gay is your choice and homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.

      4. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that if you really say that you’d choose the devil over Jesus who has died on the cross for our sins, then tell you what, you will seriously regret the decision you just made. You think that hell is chill and just a party? Just to let you know, it’s the complete opposite. You will BURN in hell forever and just feel the torcher eternally. To let you know, I’m not forcing you to believe in God but it’s the choice of your own because God doesn’t force people to believe in Him.

      5. laugh if you think christianity is a joke. no one is forcing you to believe. you are unwarrantedly spiteful of believers and publicly being offensive yet you find others’ stance against gays unjust. if you wish for people to respect your opinions and beliefs then have the same energy towards others’. no one is asking you to believe or support but you sure as hell need to be respectful. shame on you.

    2. As a former Christian. The entire thing is a joke. Teaching children to hate anyone different. A whole lot of hypocrisy too. Love one another, but burn those who don’t conform to death. Have mercy, but if a parent sins, kill all their children. Honor thy parents, but don’t listen to them if they’re gay. God created us all as equals, but if you’re LGBTQ+ you’re less than dirt. God is all powerful and all knowing, that’s why he created you to be gay and then told you to hate yourself. God is all good, that’s why he’ll cast you to a eternal fire simply because you’re a girl who wants to kiss other girls. God is the one true God, he just happens to act exactly like the vile, disturbing Greek and Roman gods. Christianity can’t die soon enough.

  2. OMG This kdrama will be gonna have best drama award. What a drama its superb its takes our hearts.
    The actors/actresses doing amazing job. I’m tearing while watching it.

    1. It’s so good! I NEED MORE. This easily enters my Top 5. All characters are memorable, good and have a great storyline.

  3. I have a goosebump in this kdrama.. every woman whos cold of everthing or passion etc. If they fall inlove its gonna be a hit kdrama. Im telling you

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