Moonshine (2021)


The historical drama “When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon” is set Set in the Joseon era during he period marked by the strictest prohibition law.

Nam Young (Yoo Seung Ho) is a royal inspector whose job is to crackdown on people who break the alcohol prohibition. After leaving his hometown, he came to Hanyang with the aim of succeeding as a government official and restoring his family status. He has an attractive appearance and quickly becomes popular among the local ladies. But he’s more interested in reading books and getting promoted.

Kang Ro-Seo (Hyeri) is the daughter of a poor noble family. After the death of her father, she became the breadwinner in her family. To pay the huge debts of the family and money to purchase medicine for her mother, she starts brewing alcohol.

Lee Pyo (Byung Woo Suk) is Crown Prince who has everything in the world, but the only habit that he cannot get rid of is alcohol. During the time of the ban, he runs away from the palace to go to drinking establishments.

This trio has a fateful encounter leading them to discover a hidden stash of alcohol.

Airs from 12/20/2021 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:30

Original Network: KBS2;

Also known as: 꽃 피면 달 생각하고 / Kkoch Pimyeon Dal Saenggaghago / Thinking of the Moon When the Flower Blooms / Thinking of the Moon When Flowers Bloom / Flower Blooms, Moon Shines/When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Dec 20, 2021

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Starring: , , , , , , , ,

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23 Comments to “Moonshine (2021)

  1. Gradually losing interest though I started out very invested. I hope it does stick to the usual formula. Coz, the signs are not good. I mean, a show’s specialty can’t just be charming actors. The story’s gotta hit different! So far not! I feel like I have seen it before.

  2. Why are the subs taking so long to be aplaoded??? I really like this series…she reminds me of iu in secret ❤️

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