Mouse (2021)


A gripping story set in a world in which people can identify psychopaths using a DNA test of a fetus in the womb.

Jung Ba Rum is an honest and kind novice police officer who believes in justice. After a confrontation with a serial killer-psychopath whose ruthless murders have terrified the entire country, his life completely changes.

Go Mu Chi is an accomplished detective whose parents were murdered when he was young. Since then, the goal of his life has been to find the killer and avenge the death of his parents. To catch the criminals, Go Mu Chi is ready to resort to any means, not caring about the law or the rules.

Oh Bon Yi is a troubled high school student who lives with her grandmother and is well versed in martial arts. Every time she bumps into neighbor policeman Jung Ba Rum, they start to bicker with each other in a funny way.

Choi Hong Joo is a talented director and producer known as “Sherlock Hong Joo.” She also holds a secret that connected her to a murderer as a child.

Broadcast from 03.03.2021 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:50

Also known as: 마우스 Mauseu


Status: Completed

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32 Comments to “Mouse (2021)

  1. I’m still hoping that it was the doctors doing because he wanted him to kill. The memories he is experiencing is the dead doctors memory. Ang the evidences he saw at his old house was put there by friend doctor

    1. Yes
      Actually Ba raem is the real predator and sung yo han was innocent who went to ba raem’s house to kill him so he can’t keep on killing innocent people. The thing is than Ba raem was an emotionless guy untill he underwent the surgery where the transplanted sung yo han’s brain gave him feelings and now he can feel guilt and sorrow as well as love but untill today he had been killing innocent people to show god what he can do so yes Ba raem is the real predator who even might have killed his mother. He was ruthless until today when he started killing people who were guilty rather than the ones innocent . I don’t really have an idea of what’s gonna be the end of him.

  2. i heard this a great drama but is it scary thou i just to make sure is a great drama i just dont want to waste time on supited drama but let me know if it a great drama

    1. It is a great one for sure you never know what is going to happen in every coming episode.It is thrilling 😍

  3. OMG the end of the 4th episode literally shocked me !!! I kept thinking about scenarios that explains that scene to believe that Barum is innocent but I couldn’t think of anything logical !! But honestly this is the kind of plot twist that I love in dramas, something unexpected like this although i’m almost sure that he isn’t the murderer but he might be hiding his real personality because if he is the child of the other woman whose fetus was identified as a psychopath then he’s either a genius or a psycho

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