My Roommate is a Gumiho (2021)


Shin Woo Yeo (Jang Ki Young) is a 999-year-old gumiho with good looks, good manners, and a sweet charm. He is very close to achieving his goal of becoming a human, while currently working as a professor at the university.However, things take an expected turn when his marble is accidentally swallowed by a college student Lee Dam.

If a human swallows the marble, they can only live for a year, and the marble will break, preventing the gumiho from becoming human. Shin Woo Yeo invites Lee Dam to live together, and their unexpected romance begins.

Lee Dam(Hyeri) is a college girl who always speak her mind. She is firm, straightforward and self-objective. She has never been in a relationship before.

Adapted from a webtoon of the same name by Na.

Also known as: 간 떨어지는 동거 Gan Tteol Eojineun Dong Geo / Frightening Cohabitation / A Falling Cohabitation/  A Terrifying Cohabitation/  Live Together


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: May 05, 2021

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Starring: , , , , , ,

188 Comments to “My Roommate is a Gumiho (2021)

  1. This Drama is actually really nice, the ending was actually really close to Hotel Del Luna episode 15 if im not mistaken when, where the girl is crossing the river but then retures to see her love again. This was really well made

  2. What triggers me is the fact that two women died because of him and he paid no mind to that! Two women were mostly interested in him. It sucks…I love the drama anyways…it’s got that fire!

    1. not really because of him, it like saying you rejected 2 girls/ guys because of personal resones but they couldn’t accept it and they decided to kill them selves, it’s not your falt. And i’m sure if he knew who it was before hand he would have done somthing about it

  3. its been a week i’m trying to play the drama on dramacool but it show me some kind of error even i’m refreshing page again and again…..
    Now what should i do? plz reply me.

    1. Below the episode there are different servers you can try
      Also if dramacool doesn’t work, there are other websites like newasiantv and kissasian
      good luck

    1. You can try “True beauty “,” Boys over flowers “,” Decendants of the sun”,”I’m not a robot “,” Vincenzo”,”Doom at your service”,”The legend of the blue sea”,”Stranger from the hell”

      I watched all of them.

    2. Goblin, Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Doom at your service, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. Those are some of the ones I like 🙂

      1. also memorist, tempted, mr queen, encounter, cheese in a trap, mr top star and many others but i watched them a long time ago i hardly remember but i definitely recommend that you watch these ones

    3. My favorites are: My ID is Gangnam beauty, Hotel del luna, It’s okay to not be okay, Strong woman Do Bong Soon, Extraordinary you, Beauty inside, Penthouse, While you were sleeping, Suspicious partner, Crash landing on you. Yes I have watched too many. My current favorite is Doom at your service.

    4. kdrama : When A Man Loves, One Well Raised Daughter, Beautiful Mind, ugly alert, Beautiful Gong Shim, big man
      Japanese : Bara no nai Hanaya (Flower Shop Without Rose), 101 marriage proposal, bus stop, my boss my hero

    5. Hello, me
      Hi Bye Mama
      The girl who can see smells
      My Secret Romance
      Reply 1994
      Mad about each other
      Where stars land
      Was it love

    1. Because it has not been aired yet in Korea. The air time is at 10:40pm in Korea. Will have to wait a bit longer :/

    1. Okay please if you don’t want.. keep it up to yourself
      Dont blabber your harshness.. I hate when people show their negative opinion 😡😡

  4. Well, this drama is fantasy, romantic, comedy type. It’s a good drama of you wanna watch something new. I saw some bad comments about this drama before I started to watch so I was kinda confused about should I watch it or not. But thanks God I started it because I really enjoying it. So if you’re new here I want you to watch it. Don’t care about the bad comments. Enjoy your time. It’s a pretty good drama though ofc there’s some cheesy parts also available. Lol

  5. Where is the episode 10,? To those who are saying that this is a boring kdrama, then don’t watch bruh 😒 coz for me its interesting kdrama 🥰🥰

  6. Really enjoyed the first 2 episodes. And that was it. The rest is kinda boring to be honest. With someone who has so many superpowers, I would expect a much more exciting plot.

  7. Can’t wait for Episode 9 and 10!!! SUPER ENJOY WATCHING THIS, super LOVE THEM, and I’m not 12 hahaha!!! <3

  8. It is slow yes but this drama is from a webtoon and is exactly like that with some twists in the way things happened but it respects the timing and characters development so I love it

  9. woahh… so many comments about this drama being a drag and slow phased. This makes me a little anxious to start watching….(ofc i’ll watch it No Doubt lol, but just because I love the actors and hope the drama would do well.) I HOPE the plot escalades and intensifies soon.

    1. its actually very very addicting to watch. watched a few episodes and now im waiting for episode 9 to see where the demon lady went ++ if theyre dating

  10. This drama started out slow, but I’m really enjoying it now! I like the main couple and I like the college guy (the womanizer) who has a crush on Lee Dam too. I REALLY hope Shin Woo Yeo is not the one who is killing women (eating their livers). It really looked like him in the reflection on the car. Hoping for the best……

  11. I mean….I waited almost half a year for this drama to be released. And now the leads are being stupidly anoying, indecisive and slow. I even thought the tiger guy was better for a moment…for not being so slow!!! Ok…he (gumiho guy) is cool (calm) because he lived for a 1000 years but don’t need to be too much cool (calm)!!!!!!. It is anoying. The girl dodging all the time is anoying as hell too. I mean the actors are awesome. Great. By leads I mean the characters! I really think the writer is screwing up the story. Or the director maybe…That makes the scenes so lacking in passion and emotions.. Gumiho is a beast right??? How the hell he is so calm???? All creatures have instincts (including us…humans) !!!! Sometimes the excess of moralism in dramas makes me really really really anoyed!!!!

    1. I felt the same. The writers are running out of ideas. They may started with a thought of remaking the old “My girlfriend is a gumiho” (Lee Seung-gi) but with a reversal of a male Gumiho and female human. Then they struggle don’t know how to fill up the 16 hours gap.

    2. I personaly really enjoy the slow-growing relationship that they have. It is so realisti and not too rushed. I like that they both have come to realise that they have feelings for eachother but are not too quick to act upon them. Im really happy its a slowburn and i like the main lead being calm like he is.

  12. I started watching this drama with high expectations. The actors are awesome. The story seemed promissing. But now I am strongly desapointed. Like someone said before. The development between the two leads is being TOO SLOW!!!! When a drama doesn’t have a strong backstory or subplot and the story focus mainly on the two leads history. The 1/3 is a rule!!!! I mean…if the drama has 16 ep….about the 4th or 5th ep the leads must have had already acepted the feellings and started a relationship. Becaus they are the focus of the story!!!!!If they keep beeing stupidly indecise like “i want – i don’t want to – i don’t know what should i do” by this time. Things start to get anoying!!!
    Writers please save the drama! Don’t screw up!!! It is pass the time that they should be dating already!!! Make it happen quick!!! Don’t wait till ep 8…10 or whatever…because you will ruin the drama, it will be late. Things would get boring and anoying as hell till then. And then the rest of the story would end up getting rushed!!!!! As the story revolves all around the 2 leads pleaseeee give us some good passionate action as soon as possible!!!!! This drama still can be save!!!! Don’t take too long or will be too late! Stop strolling already please.!!!

  13. can the person who put the sub put it correctly? at like half an hour in, it went downhill and the subtitles did not match at ALL

    1. Oh mehn I came here cos the same things was happening on dramanice… I guess I wont bother then
      Viki doesn’t offer it in my region sadly.

  14. Ahrrgh… Dragging, dragging. Very slow pace story. Don’t get me wrong. The production was nice, so nice that I praised.
    But then again I felt that the producer main goal was just to feed us eye-candy by casting the handsome actors flying around for us to view.

    “My roommate is a gumiho” as the title say. Yes, we know that – Since episode 1!

    Four episodes gone and it didn’t get pass it yet. Sometimes it become too childish – “wifi will be turned off for the person who was not home by 10:00 pm”. What the heck?

    Come on Mr Guminho, you are 999 years old. Act like one. Come to a point this story just like a bunch of high school kids come of age, including Mr Fox.

    There are so many K dramas came out to watch, and so little time – And I wonder why I was stuck wasting hours w/ this one. Give us something thrilling… Hope the next episodes will be better.

    Thanks to the up-loaders and casting…

    1. Its 4 episodes and its going fine what do you expect them to be married already? Your better off waiting until the last episode is out and watching it instead of whining and not appreciating the K-Drama itself. You should probably go direct your own TV show and see how easy it is, I’m sure everyone would enjoy watching it. Way to ungrateful jeez.

      PS. Its only 4 episodes and im really enjoying it so far.

      1. if the story focus mainly in the 2 leads history. Yes by this time they shoul already be dating. Because the story doesn’t have a strong subplot so yes the history of the 2 should have a lot more of action between the two to keep interesting and entertaining. This playing dumb thing that the 2 are doing is really anoying. We are at the 5th ep and they don’t even kissed!!!!!!!!!!!! And by the way things are going I bet that even when they do it (kiss) will be a drag too. Cold. Lacking passion…lacking desire. Like 12 years kids ! Damn anoying romantic 19th century stupidly moralism!!!!!!

      2. I agree

        Literally why is everyone saying its too slow… it has only been 4 episodes, love doesnt comefast and nor do relationships. They need time to form and im all in for the wait!!!

      1. Whats your age? For a dreamer and naive teenager it sure doesnt seem childish and boring. But for someone above the 20’s it sure is being childish and boring as hell by now. And think about…since ep 3 till 5 now…almost nothing really changed in the story. No significative changes.

        1. Y are you so pressed it’s not that big of a deal if u don’t like the kdrama then don’t watch it no one is forcing u, and stop hating on others who actually like it go bring your negativity somewhere where it’s needed🙄

          1. Who is hating on others? If you have read my others comments you should know that I recommended and NEVER said I disliked it (the drama itself). I said it was frustrating how they (leads) were being way too slow!!! That the folk theme part was great. That the actors are great. That the drama was good too and was a pity the way the story was going. And it would be a GREAT drama (not just good) if there was more passion,!!! And honestely, things started to get interesting for real only after ep 9. A subploted was added (the red thread thing) and some passion and action too between the leads. What makes it a whole LOT better now them the way things were going before!!!
            And YES untill ep 8 the drama was having its potention wasted! Just pay attention at people’s reaction after their first kiss scene. And how the number of good comments has increased. It was exactly due the pontential of the drama that people were cravin for more!!! You didn’t read things right, judged me the way you wanted it. showed me hate yourself on your own misundertanding and you had the face to acuse me of hating others???

        2. you don’t have to come of so rude with your words, okay its understandable you have your own opinion about this kdrama that’s fine, but if you don’t enjoy it like the rest of us then there’s no reason to carry on watching it and complaining, you’re better of watching something that interest’s you than something that annoys you.

          1. It was frustrating to see the drama’s potential being wasted! Read the other comments before saying that I was being rude! And first…who are you to tell me that only people who share your opnion should comment? Critics can be made for a good purpose. Can be good. You are being sensitive, you are being rude. You can share your thoughts by I can’t? Why. Stop try to silence people who don’t have the same line of thoughts as yours. That is really a bad habit. Be a better person. Don’t judge others projecting your own personality on them. Because, the intolerant here is being you.

      1. I know, it just just a kdrama, but there was good ones and bad ones.. . Just trying to find some good ones that worth my times. Any suggestion?


          1. “Mys mister” seems interesting. It received so many praise. I will watch it now,. Thank you.

          2. I’m at half of “My Mister”. That what I call a drama. Excellent !!!! Thanks for pointing me at it.

            I saw the drama title before but skipped it after reading the (misleading) summary – It said this is the story about 3 middle-aged brothers. It turned me off.

            Now for you said it then I started watching it – The summary was so wrong. This is an outstanding drama. One of the best. Even Mr Guminho here played a role of villain in “My Mister” too.

            Thank you

          1. Watching “My Mister” now… Great drama.. I tried Law School and it was a bit too heavy for me. Not understand much about laws. Thank you.

    2. This seems like a personal issue because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this drama. If it’s not your type, then stop watching it, instead of leaving this kind of ridiculous comment and discouraging people

    3. Dude go direct your own drama. You probably live in yoir own world of strawberries. Its just ep 4 and if you’ve watched enough k-dramas you would’ve probably known that k-dramas are know for their slow and subtle romance. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Just stop whining already.

    4. what exactly are you expecting in ep 4 a wedding, or possibly happily ever after. it’s a drama of 16 eps, give it a rest..

    5. Then stop watching it ..simple . You’re just 4 eps deep if you don’t like it then don’t continue . No one’s forcing you. You’re the one complaining like a child .Is the pace slow or are you just an impatient little brat? I don’t get it with people like you writing essay type long format complaints like you’re a real critique. Learn to enjoy stuff sometimes rather than being over judgemental.

    6. Not every drama is for everyone. There are different dramas for different “taste”. If you don’t enjoy one, then don’t watch it. No need to write all the negatives on why you dislike it. Ther are soo many current dramas I really can’t enjoy, but this drama is so light-hearted and the comedy is what I need right now.

      1. Tsk tsk.. Do you know what “comment? means? For your information, it’s for comments.

        Everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion. Where are the rules said you cannot write “all the negatives on why you dislike it”. ?

    7. the heck u just sit down and watch the drama with along sub, storyline isnt constantly in line with the audience wants, as is often the case kdrama must be has a surprise at the end then wait for 16 ep are finished.

  15. If you are wondering why it has missing episode, it’s because it’s an ongoing drama. IT AIRS EVERY WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY 🙂

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