Mysterious Love (2021)


Quirky and adorable theater actor Ruan Nian Chu meets Li Teng, a cold and arrogant guy who possess both high EQ and IQ. Li Teng saves Ruan Nian chu from a dangerous situation. The two develop feelings for each other, but separated due to different life tracks. Five years later, the two reunite and their feelings for each other rekindled. However the two are faced with a new danger as they work together to unravel the antagonist’s schemes.

Adapted from the novel “Ban Yin” (半吟) by Ni Shui Qian Liu (弱水千流).

Director: Ming Yan [明焱]

Also known as: 他在逆光中告白 半吟 Ta Zai Ni Guang Zhong Gao Bai Bun Yam Ban Yin


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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38 Comments to “Mysterious Love (2021)

    1. Because the person(s) who translate do this in their free time, for free. They have jobs, maybe family. Just be patient.

  1. this is very well put nora. ive been checking up on subtitles for the past month so I can start this drama. i didn’t want to begin bc I knew id get to episode 8 and get impatient with the subtitles (when i first checked there were only subs up to ep 8), so I’m waiting for all of them to be uploaded. i usually check 2 times a week and nothing was being uploaded for like a month but in the last 2 weeks 4 eps were uploaded. please be patient as it takes a very long time to get everything correct and perfect, many elements are involved in doing the subs that people are unaware of. I’m also assuming that all these episodes were uploaded suddenly bc people are starting to break up for summer break so now they have more time on their hands to do it. i reckon in the next 2 weeks all the subs will be uploaded so just be patient and stop harassing bc that will not speed up the process. be kind. thank you.

  2. If you want this to get subs, you should ask kindly. Some of you are but some of you are being VERY impatient. The person who is doing these subs is obviously trying their best. They are doing an amazing job at putting out these subtitles on these episodes. I’m assuming it would take a hot minute to put out the subtitles and see how well your grammar was, if the sentence made sense, and just other stuff that it would take to make sure you get the most accurate subtitles. If you’re not putting the subtitles on these videos or haven’t before, you can wait for them to come out. Thank you for listening to my rant.

    1. You are absolutely right, we shouldn’t crib about the translation and wait for it. after all this channel is helping us to watch shows for free. and o guess 90% of us appreciate that. but also there are times when it takes ages for the translation to come out and the anger is genuine and understandable. there are dramas that came out ages ago and still not provide subtitles. like the Thai drama fai sin chua it came out 8 months ago and more than half episodes are not provided with sub . Or chinese drama like Please give a pair of wings not at all with sub came out 2 years ago. Can you please answer these. thankyou for reading my completely reasonable rant

  3. what are you doing plz upload eng sub for this drama we cant wait anymore please plz plzzz we beg you plz upload it asap

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