Now, We’re Breaking Up (2021)


Ha Young Eun is a beautiful, intelligent and independent woman. She works as a designer in a well-known fashion company. She is 38 years old, but she manages her body and follows the trends, making her look younger than most of her peers.  She also doesn’t pay attention to men. She’s just not interested in wasting her time on them.

Yoo Jae Guk is a renowned freelance fashion photographer. He is an intelligent, confident and stylish man. He doesn’t want long-term serious relationships with girls.

Hwang Ji Suk  is the director of the fashion company’s design team. He went to high school with Ha Young Eun.

Also known as: 지금, 헤어지는 중입니다 Jigeum, Heeojineun Jungibnida / I’m Breaking Up Now /Breaking Up


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Nov 12, 2021


Starring: , ,

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  1. This is a wonderful story for me. It may appeared boring to some of the viewers, maybe because of it’s old fashioned style and it’s not the usual type of love story who ended up choosing and fighting for their feelings. It has another view of courage as well to live their life according to their choice and manage the consequences of that choice. I love each lines for every character, and there are many lessons in life, while watching. Those topics like friendship, marriage, betrayal, loyalty, dreams, divorce, parenthood, love story and living with each character’s principles are amazing. This is the life or a road less travelled by, I guessed, but once someone chose this road, it will make the difference which leads them to understand and appreciate the series. I admire the writer of this series then.

  2. lead stars are stiff..seems they are so like acting and not being the roles they portray..Just my opinion..but i love JAng ki yong and Song Hye kyo but not in this one

  3. This drama has a lot to offer aside from seeing SHK and JKY of course. I love the second leads too ..they are so funny 🙂

  4. The drama is boring and angst is very forced. The plot is simple and not very compelling. Only person I found interesting enough was the friend with cancer and I am not even into sad stories. I dropped it but I want others to know who are curious about the plot and looking for an honest review from someone who’s not a blind over zealous fan. If you ditch the star studded cast and eye candies this drama really doesn’t have much to offer.

    1. This drama is not about plot. It’s about life. Likely only appeals to someone are now living an adult life with commitments and burdens they have to shoulder. If you are looking for fun loving romance, this is not the show for you. There are many deep thoughts required for a simple dialogue and even the silence means something.

    2. I agree. The plot is even similar to Encounter…. in both dramas i dound the second leads’ story more compelling. They had an interested first few episodes. It got too predictable once they started dating.

    3. This drama is not about the plot as others say…whatever drama SHK is on, even if she just stand there and doing nothing, it’s still something all SHK’s fans are glad and enjoy watching and waiting for. Yes, she doesnt need to do anything acrobatic just to please us . We are more than greatful that she ‘s there the way she is.

    4. The first poster is right. The story of the main characters is not relatable to adults and to me this series was a huge disappointment if you consider who the lead characters are. However, if you take out the leads and focus the story on the other characters it is, at best, an okay series. The problem, in my opinion, is the writing (which is very terrible). The lead characters couldn’t convey the message because there was no sensible message or plot to begin with. Too bad that a star studded project turned out to be very underwhelming.

    5. You’re absolutely right. I felt a bit offended watching it because of how lazy the writing felt and how unconnected the leads were. If they had centred this story around the supporting characters, I think it would have been an okay show because those guys carried the entire show.

  5. I like the love story between Seok Do- hoon and Hwang Ehi- Sook.
    The in depth details to issues in the fashion industry are cool too but the love story between the lead characters is too boring.

    1. Love the actors/actress but the story line is too boring. We are already on episode 12 and really nothing exciting. Actors role are really boring.

  6. If you don’t like u can skip it and quit watching the drama instead of saying toxic things and just know that u have no right to say such things to the main lead they are talented so they are with name and fame so please don’t ever say things

    1. Now, We Are Breaking Up’ Episode 12 to Air Next Week
      “Now, We Are Breaking Up” episode 12, which is supposed to air on December 18, announced that it will be rescheduled on December 24. The production team cancelled the episode to give way to the upcoming SBS Entertainment Awards on December 18.

    2. episode 12 will release on dec 24 it is anounced by sbs entertainment so that they give way for the upcoming awarding.

  7. Boring drama
    Main female cast is too old for much younger main male cast
    Story line is stupid and boring

    Mother of female main cast behaves so low , talkative but talking non sense , trying to humiliate
    mother of main male cast in public
    Thif behavior, this manner can not be tolerate
    Personally , I don’t want to associate with some that low like her .

    1. don’t watch if it is boring for you. Let the others watch it because we are not the same likes and dislikes. But for me the story of this drama is very touching and learning how to manage your family expectation. Parents shouldn’t dictate who will you love and be with you for the rest of your life.

    2. I agree. It is really boring and more of a fan service drama than actual compelling plot. The brother is dead which makes her even more suitable to date whomever she wants, they are dragging this topic around like she’s committed murder. wtf.

  8. Hi, can i ask when will episode 3 be uploaded? There seems to be a mistake and theres only episodes 1, 2 and 4. I hope itll be fixed soon 🙂

  9. Episode 3 actually aired November 19 at Korea so..we became patient the same time excitement of this drama..I really appreciate of JKY and SHK acting looks real.❤❤❤

  10. ???so am watching this Chinese drama with the name Once we get Married…. ? this drama’s name is Now we are breaking up. When I see one, I can’t help but think of the other.

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