Oh My Ladylord (2021)


Han Bi Soo (Lee Min Ki) is South Korea’s top thriller writer who chooses not to date. Oh Joo Ying (Nana) is an actress, queen of rom-coms. But she herself absolutely does not have a romantic relationship. Yoo Jin (Kang Min Hyuk) is the heir to a famous family that owns Korea’s leading cosmetics company. After studying in France, he becomes the director of a cosmetics brand, making him the most prominent young bachelor.

Also known as: 오! 주인님 O! Juinnim / Oh! Jooinnim / Oh Master! / Oh! Master


Status: Completed

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Air Date: Mar 24, 2021

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  1. I just finished this series and tbvh i only did because I’m a fan of both main characters. The story line is cliche and typical as hell. Not saying it in a bad way but it’s quite good when you’re in need of some light romcom. Just minus the plot where han bisoo breaks up with oh jooin cuz he doesn’t wanna hurt her. Bruh that whole scene was freaking annoying and dumb. But still I cried a bucket because of it. Is it really the habit of the writer or smth?? The “needs” to keep smtg so important such as disease and dying, to oneself instead of telling it to their close families and friends, seriously they should just throw that whole idea away out of the window. Nobody likes to be kept away from a secret which kinda involves them, and letting them know only when that person already died?? I dOn’T wAnNa HuRt YoU well fking hell you’re hurting them the most rn

  2. It took alot for this drama to catch my attention because the beginning was quite boring.. (1/3) There were alot of loose ends in the the episode it was like they pause and forgot there place.(2/3) The actors were pretty to watch but the plot was weird I did like how she could do something exciting then walk away like it was nothing. (3/3) They made her seem like a pick me girl though it was like she doesn’t take the jacket then take the jacket or just out of the blue problems. TURTLE RATE :??

  3. just finished this drama last night , at first i just choose to watch this drama randomly, just need a chill rom com drama, but i didnt know it becomes quite heavy at the middle of the story , some of the storyline & issues quite lame and loose , start from ep 9 , it becomes so predictable, and i thought kdrama didnt make anymore about break up story just bcoz that the male lead doesnt want the female lead get hurt . thats senario was very lame and wasting time. kinda frustrated and dissapointed with the storyline since i love to see nana and min ki together , they have chemistry together , the story background, the house that they live, is very nice , so basically i don’t have any issue with the casting and background , but i think the writer could make the storyline better , why give a sad ending to the beautiful couple . it just a drama anyway !

  4. First, as always, thank you for the team for upload this drama. I’m at episode 12 so I can only talk up this this period.

    In my humble opinions, this is an average so-so drama. Not much of intriguing plots. Just a standard of boy meets girl – Girl meets boy – Hating each other first, then fell in love – Then another boy jumped in between to form a triangle conflict – Then a cancer disease and amnesia/Alzheimer inserted in as usual (It won’t be a Korean drama if absenting these two tear jerking factors).

    Nana’s acting skill has improved a lot since I last viewed her in “Into The Ring” where she played the role of kinda lunatic girl naive in politic – Politics was a very boring subject to me so I didn’t enjoy that series much. I put the blame on the script/screen writer – Nana acted much more mature and feminine in this one rather jumped around all over all day like in the “Ring”. The wardrobes clothes was superb, hairstyle was much better.

    Lee Min-ki was cool and fit the role nicely. His role was similar to the “Because This Is My First Life” in which he played an eccentric landlord together with Jung So-min. By the way, it seemed they always gave him the eccentric’s role which he played best (Remember “The Beauty Inside” ?)

    He was funny in his own way while forming up the chemistry towards Nana. His choice of clothes rather unique but still cool. I wish maybe next time he will change the hairstyle a little bit to show his whole face instead of this usual bird nest type.

    Kang Min-hyuk (the third person) still having a lot of space to improve his acting. His role of a rich hot boy chaebol was dulled and shallow – Again, I put the blame on screen/script writer. Even in the love competition w/ Lee, while he had every advantages – Longtime friendship w/ Nana, handsome, rich, highly educated (from Paris), cosmetic company CEO, he was still acting sleepy.

    The secondary couples was even worst, trying to be funny in some overreacting ways, not even worth to mention.

    Again, this is only my humble opinion up to episode 12. Sorry if I offended anyone.

    1. This has reminded me of the 2008 Korean drama “Star’s Lover” – with the 2 leads: Choi Ji-woo (remember her?) and Yoo Ji-tae.
      Very similar story. The male guy Yoo was a poor writer and the girl Choi was an rich actress – But the acting and screenplay was far much better (again, this is only my opinion).
      Choi-Ji-woo played an excellent superb role there. The role was an famous, air-headed actress. Think about it, an actress played the role af an actress – Choi was really, really “evil” – She used all of her stardom power, street smart (she grew up in an orphanage), thick-faced tricks, innocent-faced tricks, all kind of dirty tricks in luring, seducing the poor writer Yoo (Can you guess she succeed or not?).
      She can kiss him passionately then instantly said that was only an act and coolly walked away. She can tell straight to the face to one rich guy who took the coat off for her that she does not wear other people clothes – Only then later acting freezing in front of writer Yoo to gladly received his jacket.
      She told writer Yoo to drive her to a place (that she’s been there a hundred times) with an almost sobering voice that she doesn’t know the way there…
      She demanded and entering his house (in kinda violently forced her way in), change clothes to his T shirt, ate his food, kicked him out to sleep on his bed, even using his tooth brush… and won’t leave until she got what she wanted.
      She acted and acted and acted… You wouldn’t know where and when whether she was sincere or just acting.

      Well, this is not the place to talk about another drama but please, you got to see it to enjoy the Winter Sonata legendary Choi Ji-woo acting skill.

  5. I was really enjoying this drama until 3 episodes ago. But now somehow I lost the thrill. Is my personal taste I guess. I like when the leads get close (steamy close) to each other before the troubles come in. Because if they get close only after the troubles come in. Everything turns painfull. In my ideal, and I know it is only my ideal plot, she should had chose him earlier, they should have started dating and enjoyijnjg each other earlier adn before the “angel” reapers to remind him he only has few days remainig.

    What I think shoul have been: doubt – choice- happiness – pain – anxiet – relief – happiness again.This order.
    And the way it is now is more like: doubt – choice – pain – distress – anxiet – relief ….and i am waiting for some happiness.
    (because as soon as she decided to stay with him the fact that he has only some days gets to him – too soon)

    I dont know…i am just a little frustraded for the fact they didn’t get to enjoy eachother before the troubles to come in.

  6. Thanks so much for the eng sub! You guys did a great job. Ive been waiting for the next episodes. I hope they end up together and somehow i hope theres going to be a way for him to live a longer life and not just vanish. It would be so sad for their love story.

  7. Be patient and polite, my friend.

    The Drama/Sub-team is not your subordinate to snap like that. We should thank them to spend their valuable times to post
    dramas that we all loved.

    1. It got canceled, unfortunately. I’m not sure for how long but this show and others are taking a break due to programs for the by-elections. Hopefully, they will return soon !!

    2. Be patient and polite, my friend.

      The Drama/Sub-team is not your subordinate to snap like that. We should thank them to spend their valuable times to post
      dramas that we all loved.

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