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19 Comments to “Our Blues (2022) Episode 20

  1. আহ এত্তো সুন্দর কেন,একদম জীবন থেকে নেওয়া।প্রতিটা কাহিনি যেন নিজেকে মনে করায় দিচ্ছে।কোরিয়ান রা আসলেই মাস্টারপিস তৈরি করতে পারে। আমি জাস্ট অবাক যে কত সুন্দর ভাবে প্রতিটা ক্যারেক্টর কে তুলে ধরছে।
    শেষে যখন জিমিনের ওএসটি টা শুরু হলো আর চোখের পানি আটকাতে পারিনি🙂মিস করবো
    I wrote this comment in my mother language because no other language can express my love for this drama

    1. হ্যাঁ একদম। প্রতি টা এপিসোডে জীবনের প্রতিচ্ছবি ছিলো। 💖💖

  2. really very emotional because somehow I’m related.. but also awesome drama ..💜 really started to watch it cause for the ost ” with you” now really fall to the drama gonna recommended all friends✨💕

  3. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. I was crying, smiling, laughing and then crying again in the end. I really enjoyed this drama. The whole cast were exceptional from their superstars down to the newbies.


  5. It is truly a tragedy that a beautiful series like this will never take off in my country. Trash like Squid Game was the most widely watched and “acclaimed” show in the US, but will my countrymen even watch something like this? Something edifying, comforting, heartwarming? Never! They prefer grotesque violence and sadism to beauty and simplicity. I am glad that there are people who watch and appreciate shows like this, though; it means that the world isn’t completely mad.
    I am glad that Korea, in some ways, has been slow to adopt the morality of the west, but I can see it creeping in. I hope that they hold onto their traditions and values a little longer, because once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

  6. This was and is a beautiful masterpiece. It set out to say one thing, if I may be so presumptuous, and that is this: people are important. Whether they love or are loved, whether or not they say that they are sorry, whether they are young or old. People are important. They have intrinsic, God-given value that cannot be taken from them, and it is when we value one another in this way that we become less alone.
    Thank you for a lovely experience. I hope that the writers create more meaningful content like this in the future, and less like that which we have been seeing of late (I need not mention what, I think).

  7. Thank you everyone! it was indeed a beautiful story that conveyed….whatever the circumstances there’s always a reason to be thankful, smile and be happy coz life is beautiful!

  8. this was one hell of a journey, i can’t even begin to express how wonderful and wholesome this felt to many hearts, kudos! this was amazing

  9. Kuddos to the writer and cast. Well done director. More stories like this one. I enjoyed and was move with the storyline. Thanks much! And God bless to all.
    No one is perfect love and serve one another with each flaws.♥️♥️♥️

  10. Best drama in recent years. Excellent script, directing and acting. Blues with mixed spices and humanity. The last scene when the lady fed not only her son but her dogs – what a nice touch! Jeju is beautiful. The music is great. The message is warm.

  11. This is a VERY excellent dipiction of present day Korean culture… It is a fight for them to remain true to the essense of their traditional ways and the progression of thinking concerning demonstrative emotional connectivity…. What, with their exposure to ‘western culture’, thru mass media, it is inevitable that there are growing up pangs that korean society is experiencing due to these introductions… Somethings from the western culture may be of some benifit to address and possibly assume by south koreans. However, I sincerely hope that Korea will not abandon the GOOD things that are THEM, for everything westeren…

    So saying, I wanted to make known, that I thorouly enjoyed seeing the REAL cha seung won…the older he gets the BETTER he is becoming !!! Getting to see, ‘Him’, without all that makeup, clean and sober is a WONDERFUL sight to behold!!!! I have been praying for him…

    An wasn’t Won Bin an absolute DELIGHT…what range he has…

    This drama will receive many awards this year, and deservedly SO !!!! I foresee NO MORE BLUES, but…. HAPPY DAZES, in this drama’s future !!!!

  12. Excelente serie!!!!!!! La trama de cada personaje, los artistas que le hicieron honor, desde la mas pequeña, los adolescentes valientes que aceptaron su responsbilidad, inclusion del personaje hermoso y especial, adultos jovenes y mayores, cada uno con una historia unica y diferente que contar y de la cual tuvieron que hacerle frente , resolverla y seguir adelante con sus vidas, felicitaciones!!!! fue un placer ver esta serie!! una de las mejores que he visto!!! LOS ESCRITORRES, DIRECTORES Y TODOS LO QUE HICIERON POSIBLE ESTA OBRA, QUE SIGAN LOS EXITOS!!!! CIERTO ES: TENEMOS SOLO UNA VIDA AQUI EN LA TIERRA Y DEBEMOS HACER TODO LO POSIBLE POR SER FELICES!!!

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