Our Days (2022)


Coming from rural Thailand, Mon moves to Bangkok to start university. On his first day in the big city, he meets Sow, a local musician, who shows him around. During a drunk night, Sow kisses Mon. Mon, confused, leaves. However, Mon quickly finds out Sow is also a freshman in his same faculty! Sow learns of Mon’s love for basketball and decides to join the same team with him. In one of the matches, Mon gets injured and Sow starts taking care of him. Saint, Mon’s high school teammate, confesses his love for him too. In the end, which team will Mon choose? Sow or Saint?

Original Network: GMM One;

Director: Pakphum Wiboonwongkrai [ภาคภูมิ วิบูลย์รณรงค์]

Also known as: Our Days รักได้ไหมนายไม่ยิ้ม Our Days, Can I Love You Mr. No Smile?


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , , , , ,

Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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9 Comments to “Our Days (2022)

  1. i realy like the story and all the character… there are all deserve a compliment on there craft..On my opinion i think there are all good looking and talented, hoping for the part 2 hope same actors. thanks

  2. Someone please tell me that the pace picks up a little bit after Ep 4. They’ve finally played their first basketball game. And I’m a bit bored of Mon being so glum and down. Will it get better?

  3. i dont know whats wrong with the bl dramas in 2022 …it may sound very superficial and its an unpopular opinion but why are the main actors in so many bls conventionally unattractive ? i simply cant enjoy if the main actors are unattractive to me. I mean actors are popular for a reason cause they look better then the general public so why hire the main lead actors who aint’ conceptually attractive at least one of them most of the time???
    its in our human biology that we tend to give attractive people more attention ect….
    many of the side characters look way better and have a more lively presence.

    1. They are here to act not to be pretty and beautiful for you…if u cant enjoy the bls because of how the actors look instead of focusing on talent and how the good the bl is..then simply dont watch it… 😐

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