Pachinko (2022) Episode 6

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9 Comments to “Pachinko (2022) Episode 6

  1. The disease was something to be ashamed of at that time unlike today. But even this time there is still a stigma related to it.

  2. I didn’t like the episode ! Events were not excited at all.. the main character is totally absent I was expecting better 😑 Besides Han’s disease is not something to be shame of !

    1. dude this is like in the 1930s do you think ppl will think the same way the way they do now lol. of course its very shameful during this time, ppl will think you run around fkn random dudes.

    2. Wth sunja was shown alot. If you think Lee Min ho is the main character, then you are totally wrong. Events may have been boring but they are very significant.

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