A fantasy romance drama that revolves around a middle-aged woman who has dedicated her life to her family, only to see it falls apart, and a man who lacks the courage to find true love. They both get a second chance at a romantic relationship.

Seo Yi Do is one of the most famous designers in Korea. With a perfect body, face and voice, he is an absolute gwanjong (“attention seeker” in Korean). Although he is perfect on the outside, his personality leaves something to be desired. On top of that, he has about 52 phobias and 35 allergies.

Min Jae Hee is a housewife who has devoted her life to her family only to see it falls apart before her eyes. By chance she discovers a miracle perfume that brought her youth and beauty back. She ends up walking the runway in one of Seo Yi Do’s fashion shows and signs a contract with a leading modeling agency to become a celebrity.

Also known as: 퍼퓸 / Peopyoom


Status: Completed

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