River Where the Moon Rises (2021)


Born a princess and raised a soldier, Pyeong Gang is a woman with big dreams and limitless ambition. Determined to become the first Empress of Goguryeo, Pyeong Gang will stop at nothing to make her dream come true. Clever and level headed, Pyeong Gang is well aware of the obstacles that stand in her way and she’s more than capable of taking them on. With meticulous planning, she sets out to make her dream come true. But things take an unexpected turn, the day she meets On Dal.

A peace-loving man, whose only goal in life is to live in harmony with those around him, On Dal is the exact opposite of the ambitious princess. A peaceful calm amidst the turbulent storms of Pyeong Gang’s life, the warrior princess soon finds herself falling for gentle On Dal. Equally in love with the princess whose heart he now possesses, On Dal finds himself forsaking his principles in order to keep her safe. An endeavor that proves increasingly difficult, as players from all sides converge in a lethal battle for the throne. Forced to match both wits and strength against some of the most powerful men and women in Goguryeo, Pyeong Gang’s vie for power could very well cost her everything. Does she have what it takes to make her dreams come true or will the price she realizes she must pay prove to be too much?

Adapted from the novel “Princess Pyeonggang” (평강공주) by Choi Sa Gyu (최사규).

Director: Yoon Sang Ho [윤상호]

Also known as: 달이 뜨는 강 달이뜨는강 마음에 베이다 Dalyi Ddeuneun Gang Maeume Beida Dali Tteuneun Gang Cut From The Heart Cut By The Heart Pyeongkang, Cut To The Heart The Moon Rising River Moonlit River


Status: Completed

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56 Comments to “River Where the Moon Rises (2021)

  1. Reading all these comments about people defending Ji Soo is really sad. I’m glad everyone agrees that bullying is bad and shouldn’t be done, yet everyone saying the victims are also “dark/bad souls” or “want revenge”. I really don’t understand how people can think like this. It’s exactly because he’s famous that they’ve come out to speak about the man. It also isn’t easy to come forward about being bullied by someone famous. Lawyers, companies, etc. will try to shut you down, it takes a lot of courage to come out and speak your truth.

    Saying that victims waited until now to talk about his bullying is really dumb since people who have trauma need to come forward when they’re able to. I’m sure all their friends & family were told about how Ji Soo bullied them.

    This pretty much almost the same scenario as the whole David Dobrik scandal where he goes on to sexually assault people in his youtube videos but no one bats an eye or speaks out and those that do get blamed for trying to destory his career. Just be a better person, admit you’re at fault, take the consequences for your actions and move on.

    People in the comments defending Ji Soo and blaming the victims are exactly why victims don’t come forward with their trauma. Especially victims that were hurt from bullying or sexual assault like from David Dobrik or even Harvey Weinstein.

    While Ji Soo’s sexual assault is still considered a scandal even though people claim there is video graphic evidence, I understand saying that there needs to be proof of it. Though, for a celebrity, it’d be smart to not admit to that and do your best to do damage control.

    For everyone who like Ji Soo as an actor, I’m sure he is more mature and smart now, but past actions still carry forward consequences, especially trauma for victims and the bully too. Don’t blindly life someone up because of good looks or good acting, judge from their character. Seeing an actor in multiple shows only shows you their skill, not their character. We’ve put a lot of bad people into high power/positions and it hasn’t been good for anyone.

    Lets look to do better and not victim shame or disregard other people’s pain because we like someone’s looks or acting skill 🙂

  2. What if he wasn’t famous ,would those who got bullied come forward and say all that?chances are they would have already let it go by now and move on with their lives…yes he did wrong but those people also have dark souls too..if someone did you wrong and you revenge that means you are not different from him.

  3. Although Ji soo is a good actor, the scandal really tainted his image for me that I can’t bear watching episodes 1-6. My enjoyment on this drama got ruined. Looking forward to Na In Woo and hopefully I can start by watching where he showed up..

    1. What if he wasn’t famous ,would those who got bullied come forward and say all that?chances are they would have already let it go by now and move on with their lives…yes he did wrong but those people also have dark souls too..if someone did you wrong and you revenge that means you are not different from him.

      1. What if he wasn’t famous? He was and still a bully. If only he apologized first for all the things he said and done before getting into the limelight, it wouldn’t even happen. Or better yet, he shouldn’t have bullied anyone at all. Now his past is catching up to him. It only served him right. Do not try to justify his actions. He deserved it for putting the people he bullied / assaulted hell for years. Don’t ever question the victims for coming up sooner than they should because you don’t know what they have gone through.

  4. I agree with you. Bullying is such a bad act but then again as much as anyone deserves a second chance, I guess this is not the right way on how to handle a bully person. This is the most cruel solution. Instead of solving it, it is making it worst. So sad

  5. i enjoy watching from the start until Ji Soo was change to Na In Woo…The story is great and enjoyable to watch even the other characters too,they give emphasize to the role their playing.

    1. jisoo is r*pist, you want a predator to return to the industry, just for your drama to be finished with the same actor?? yall insane

      1. Do you have a proof? Or has anyone brought a proof. Dont just believe everything people say without having a proof. He only confirmed the bullying which he apologised for. And I think it’s currently punishing him now. So if you dont have the proof that he raped someone just shut up(respectfully)

      2. Even though there are rumors and scandals which is yet to be proven, do you really think he did that? I agree bullying is an extremely obnoxious act, and that he accepted it and apologized for it, yet my heart is still in disbelief and incredulity that he can ever be involved in such a repulsive act like rape. So think a hundred times before you declare someone guilty and claim to be sure that he committed such a crime.

    2. Jisoo did great but Na In Woo is AWESOME AND HE GOT THE WHOLE PACKAGE. Na In Woo as ONDAL is the best thing that happened in this drama. It is his time toi shine as an actor. He is very talented actor and can portray both GOOD AND EVIL characters on his previous dramas even only minor roles. HE has great potential to be a topstar. I am so glad that they gave him a chance to prove to the world how talented he really is.

  6. I enjoy watching from ep 1 to 6, but when it comes to 7 tsk tsk it seems boring I just focus to So Hyun. I miss Ji Soo so bad??.

  7. I read the issues behind the “scandal” that prompted the decision to replace the ML. I have to say, the WOKE world has gone stark-raving mad. Is bullying bad? Of course. Should Ji Soo be personally confronted for bullying someone? Yes! Should he be given the opportunity to apologize and try to make it right? Absolutely! And if he doesn’t, should his past behavior THEN be publicized? Maybe. But are the people who set out to destroy his career to be considered victims? NO! They are now, themselves, bullies. They better enjoy reveling in their temporary vengeful victory because the payback they just gave this young man just threw out the same boomerang that is justifiable coming their way. Bullying may be retribution for the moment, but it doesn’t exempt you from the same laws of sowing and reaping. These victims have a rude awakening coming their way.

    1. And may I add that the decision makers who buckled under pressure to punish a person today for their actions Ten years ago in high school shows their cowardice and ignorance. Apply that same criteria across the board and nobody would have a job,

      1. you Do understand it’s not just allegations of bullying But also for sexual assault.? Apparently there’s a video of him sexually assaulting a girl at his former school

      2. Glee So true well said ! Honestly I had to stop watching this drama because Ji Soo”s replacement, Na I Woo,
        lacks the the good looks, the energy and the same acting skills . I am confused why after 10 years thisscandal
        has now been made public???? I predict he will lay low and when some time passes he will resurfaces. He won’t
        be the first actor to survive a scandal ! I wish him luck!

  8. Si byeong in ang nakikita ko.i like na in woo that’s why I’m still watching the drama but on dal character not suited to him. Yong pag ka jolly type, sparkle ng mga mata at ang pag smile nito bagay talaga kay Ji soo as on dal.sorry na in woo.?

      1. It’s not about replacing Jisoo. We all know he is such a good actor and known for his versatile acting craft. But he was the one who had given up from the controversy. He should never quit ,I must say proving all his critics, wrong. Hence since he is a public image ,I believe either bad or good publicity can really affect the image of an actor/actress.

      2. i dislike the movie the moment Ji soo was left out, i mean his the best guy for that role, his smiles, his body languages are all perfect, am just not happy with the decision to drop because of a scandal that happen many years ago

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