Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2


“Romantic Doctor Kim” is a “real doctor” story set in a small, humble hospital called Dol Dam Hospital. It is a story about people who meet Kim Sa Bu (Han Suk Kyu), a genius doctor, and discover “real romance.”

Along with genius Teacher Kim, Cha Eun Jae is a second year fellow in the cardiosurgery department who enjoys studying and has confidently walked the path of an elite student for most of her life. Seo Woo Jin, a cynical second year fellow who doesn’t believe in happiness because of his hardships growing up, but he shows impressive levels of concentration and talent when he is performing surgery.

Also known as: 낭만닥터 김사부2 / Nangmandakteo Kimsaboo 2 / Romantic Doctor Kim 2 / Dr. Romantic 2 / Doctor Romantic 2


Status: Completed

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47 Comments to “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

  1. I finished watching s1 but I will not watch this yet. I’m waiting for the series to finish first. I don’t want to feel hanging or anticipating for the next episode.

  2. Is it can if provided any note of notification for the new coming episode? Really good if something like this available especially the drama that the viewer craved for..

  3. bruh i’m obsessed. i can’t even like explain how good it is. i’ve been looking everywhere to see where it was free and i have found dramacool. i usually hate monday’s but since this dramas airtime is monday and tuesday so i love monday’s now!

    1. Not really but it will be good if you watch the first,when watch this s2 it feel like a deja vu? and you understanding more love-hate relationship between Master Kim & President Do

    2. I highly recommend season 1 which is the main stream for Master Kim…he was brilliant and made the students respect him story was intense also much more connected rather then the two in season 2..

      1. I don’t really like the love story in Season 1.. It’s bothering me sometimes. But, yeah both are good and this is the best sequel (most kdrama sequel isn’t as good as the first)

  4. It is just me who’s watching this drama for the ML. I’m his fan and i’m happy to see him in a lead role

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