Secret Boutique


The story revolves around a woman named Jenny Jang, who is poor and works at bathhouse. She starts a new job as a housemaid for a conglomerate family. Later She becomes successful and runs a boutique that deals with upper class. She also begins to work as a lobbyist.

“Secret Boutique” is about woman power and the corrupt upper echelon as it searches for power and survival using money.

Also known as: 시크릿 부티크 / Sikeuris Butikeu


Status: Completed

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7 Comments to “Secret Boutique

  1. Actually I LIKE IT. i think it is very entertaining. I like the fact that these rich people actually can do anything they want as long as they have money. Also those that take what is not theirs and the other trying to take it back.

  2. I can’t get into this drama. It isn’t my favorite genre and the lead actresses are both actresses I much dislike…one always a sour puss in every drama and the other can’t talk in anything but whispers, which is downright annoying. I couldn’t get past the first episode.

    1. You made a good decision not to finish watching this drama…. I stuck it out until ep five just to watch kim sun ah (she is a great actor) and the young male assistant by her side (he did a great job)…. but the rest of the content and context of this drama was a definite pass for me!!!! I skipped to the last ep when it came out to make sure this drama met my finale expectations….
      The finale was great…(I was gratified that the lead female character’s questionable ‘husband’ died!!!!! hooray, a slight victory for ‘natural born women who want ‘real’ men who are loyal and do not cheat with anybody or anything)!!!!!
      The only saving grace for this drama was that the noona relationship between the lead female character (kim sun ah) and her you ‘male’ assistant….
      The director, producers, and financial backers should have made this drama into a movie and left it at that…. sometimes less said is ‘more’. the movie version would have been a ‘hit’ !!!!
      Kim Sun Ah i know you are ‘edgy’… An, I will still follow your projects, wherever they may lead…but, I reserve the right to jump ship if you participate in another project with questionable content an context issues, like this one had….

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