Sweet Munchies


Park Jin Sung runs an odd little late-night restaurant where customers only choose which drinks they want and their appetizers are chosen by Park, who customizes the dishes to match their drinks. His goal is to provide diners with warmth and comfort through delicious food and excellent customer service. Seeing customers enjoy their food also gives him a great measure of happiness. At the urging of one of his regular customers, Park becomes the host of a new variety show called Midnight Snack Couple, which shoots him to popularity and fame.

Regular customer Kim Ah Jin is a passionate PD. She usually has a smile on her face and always looks on the bright side. Her optimism is only matched by her love of food and drinking. After working hard as a crew member in production teams for many years, she finally gets her break as a PD when she convinces Park Jin Sung to become the host of her TV show.

Kang Tae Wan is a successful fashion designer. He hosts his own fashion TV program and comes to know Park Jin Sung and Kim Ah Jin when he’s brought onto the Midnight Snack Couple variety show as a stylist for Park. As the three work together, they eventually become involved in atypical love triangle.

Director: Song Ji Won [송지원]

Also known as: 야식남녀 Yasignamnyeo Yasiknyeo Yashiknamnyeo Midnight Snack Men Women Late Night Snack Man and Woman Late Snack Man and Woman Supper Man and Woman Midnight Snack Couple


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: ,

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9 Comments to “Sweet Munchies

  1. First and foremost a good actor loves challenges and taking risk for whatever-roles they’d have been given. If you keep doing the same roles over and over again it’s tiring! I admire his hard work and he is one of the best K actors. I’m rooting for you and you’ve got many fans to support you. One negative peep will not make a big difference bcos we us ur fan loves you ❤️ II WOO❤️

  2. Hey No Name, I dont understand a single thing that you yapped here. Please have your grammar and sentence construction corrected first before spewing nonsense. I got a headache reading your commentary. It wasted my time.

    If you think this is a bad drama, dont watch. But this is done so tastefully. Anyway, you’ll never understand coz you blocked your freakin’ brain. You are one closeminded person and does not deserve to be his fan (so you say).

    I am saying this piece coz I find this drama entertaining and somehow open the minds of people to this genre. Not all gays are bad, same with straight men and women of soceity.

    So, find your drama that suit your taste. Get out from here.

    I, thank you.

  3. Just to counter “no name’s” review – I think they’re only upset because there are homosexual themes in the story. Though, unfortunately, I don’t think this will end in the way I will want it to.

    I for one welcome actors that try to stretch their boundaries and pick unusual roles, or try to challenge and grow further in their work. It takes guts to be willing to risk their popularity for gay or proximity to gay roles while dealing with a conservative audience…. good for them.

  4. JUNG ILL WOO… Now YOU know better than this !!!!! What the HAY were you thinking when you took on THIS project ??? No BONAFIED WOMAN in her RIGHT MIND… will choose to watch THIS…

    Were you trying to ‘experiment’ with project character range….

    May I suggest that you ‘Remember YOUR FAN base’… and don’t make the mistake of indulging in ‘artistic character range’ experimentation AGAIN…

    The ratings prove what I am saying… Hang, I won’t even watch this kind of material, even’ with’ your ‘illustrious name and talent’ attached to it….

    Who ever your manager was that slipped this project to you for a reading…and did not help you make a good decision not to make this kind of drama series….needs to get the ‘heave ho’ by you, because they don’t have your best interest as a priority….

    I will still ‘go to’ any drama that has you named as a cast member with high expectation….since you are a GREAT actor….

    However, I will NOT just jump right into watching the show, as I would in the past, with only your name recognition ….

    But, from now on, after the debut of this 2020 drama…. I will definitely take pre-caution to read the synopsis FIRST… as insurance to bypass any possible ‘blips’ in cinematic project judgement you might continue to have (but hopefully not) in the future.

    You keep this UP, you’ll need to take your hobby (I enjoy your cooking talent on the variety shows) and become a FULL-TIME CHEF !!!!!

    1. Good grief – in this day and age there are still ignorant and biased morons. How a talented actor choses to live his/her life and pick the roles they do, has nothing at all to do with you.

      It is terribly sad that there are people still out there in the world, like yourself, but thank goodness your biased views are only the same as a tiny tiny percentage of the world’s population and are still diminishing daily.

      Grow up and get a life !

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