Tale of the Nine Tailed


The story of a male gumiho (Lee Dong Wook) who has settled in the human world. He meets the ambitious producing director Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah), who is completely fearless when it comes to creating unique content.

Also known as: 구미호뎐 Gumihodyeon Gumi Ho/ Tale of Gumiho/ Chasing the Nine-Tailed Fox/ Chasing the Nine Tailed Fox/ The Story of Gumiho/ Tale of the Nine Tailed


Status: Completed

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105 Comments to “Tale of the Nine Tailed

  1. I just finished Goblin: the lonely and great god, which was watched by mistake because I was supposed to watch Tale of the Nine Tailed first. But its a mistake I don’t regret. I hope this drama is just as great.

    1. you’re not supposed to download anything tho. You can watch this without having to download it, its free.

  2. I love this drama every single scene and episode. It was very excited and happy from the very first… It came out so well… Moreover my fav cast, fav action, fav story, fav genre, etc, etc… It’s worth waiting every wed and Thursday for months…And the last scene was perfect wow… I loveeed it… Perfect scene I wanted… Will miss this drama …Hope to see more Gumiho dramas in future… Bye Yeon, Rang, Yuri, JiA, and others… It ended perfectly… Love u ???

  3. This kdrama is one of the best stories i ever watched… Sad because there is sacrifice…. Love mix fantasy make me feel inlove…. Love. Conquers all… Thank you for best kdrama…. God bless

    NOTE: i. Cleaned.my eyes,. Alot. Of. Tears go out. Form my eyes….

  4. In love with this drama….Is the best kdrama i have ever watched. The story, the characters, everything was amazing. The thing that i really liked about this drama is that it has a happy ending, which is the most important thing for me personally, but i am mostly said about Lee Rang and his death. He was an amazing character and it had an important role in this drama. Today i couldn’t stop crying because of the last two episodes, but over all it was an amazing drama with an amazing story and so talented characters….I really hope that there will be a season 2 of this drama and If you know anything more than me about season 2 or is there going to be one plss let me know

    1. it is announced that there’ll will be a delay in releasing bc they’ll release 3 spinoff episodes (focusing on lee rang’s story) until dec 4 i think.

        1. It’s Okay that’s Love
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          (You have probably watched some of these but these are the ones that I can remember on the top of my head)

        2. Watch historical dramas ??they are awesome
          Many have happy ending……
          Dramas I like
          My sassy girl
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          Tale of Nokdu
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          Still there are many historical kdramas
          I haven’t seen
          Flower crew
          Park min young’s Queen for 7days
          And another series something that end with scandal…. and many more❤️

      1. Start up
        Descending of sun
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  5. Meanwhile ppl are very understandably impatient, I wanted to take a moment to thank our translators. I know first hand how hard it is to translate something and make sure the subs are in place on time. Guys, you’re work doesn’t go unnoticed!

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