Tell Me What You Saw Episode 4

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7 Replies to “Tell Me What You Saw Episode 4

    1. I mean the writers are dumb AF like , what was the logic? Here you have a bunch of police already aware of the menace , they are frozen seeing the guy literally dying in his chair but decided they are no going to interrupt the show ; like are they for real ? Sorry but that’s just stupid aside of really bad writing, that was one of the dumbest way I’ve ever seeing a character gets kill and I’ve seen a few.

  1. So many officers watching him struggling and not one of them quickly run to cut off the string or attend to him asap. If that is the case, then this is the last episode. lol.

  2. Writer Nim please credit the viewers with some intelligence….that’s it…this is my last episode…anyone can enter TV control room? Hello? Enter a cell in a police station? Uuuhhhh. The rookie seems very slow to me..arrrrghhhh…police officers all dumb

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