The Cursed (2020)


A thriller drama that tells the story of a mystery surrounding an IT company. Im Jin Hee is a reporter who is uncovering a secret crime taking place in the company. The CEO of the Company is Jin Jong Hyun who is an ardent follower of black magic. He has been taking the service of a mystic called Jin Kyung and as Im Jin follows them down the rabbit hole she encounters a powerful spirit that possesses her. This leads her to have a special power. Find out how it can help her solve the case or will she be a victim of it?

Also Known as: 방법, Bangbeob , Method , The Way , The Method



Status: Completed

Release Year:

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The Cursed (2020) trailer

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  1. i love this korean drama. then again shaman still do exist in korea. next year whn i go to korea ill learn it from shaman. and od blood ritual and do voodoo curses on a person.

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