The Devil Judge (2021)


Aims to deliver a message about justice through a “live courtroom show” that the whole nation participates in. Is Kang Yo Han, the titular “devil judge” who emerges amidst chaos and confusion, a hero of the people or a demon who wears the mask of the law?

Kang Yo Han is a head trial judge who wears legal robes in order to hunt down villains. He is the “devil judge” who wears the mask of the law and punishes the greedy and power-hungry through the courtroom show. He creates an aura of mystery around himself with his handsome face and elegant tastes, but it is impossible for anyone to know what he is truly thinking inside.

Jung Sun Ah is Kang Yo Han’s greatest rival and the executive director of a CSR (corporate social responsibility) foundation. With her beauty and her brains, she is closely involved with many important people, including Kang Yo Han, and has the power to shake up the nation.

Kim Ga On is an associate trial judge who shines as the one ray of hope in a dystopian world. He lost his parents when he was a child and spent a rough childhood, but he worked himself to the bone in order to get his first appointment as a judge. He has patience and endurance, but he is thrown into chaos while observing the actions of Kang Yo Han.

Yoon Soo Hyun is a police detective in a regional investigation unit who is on the hunt for Kang Yo Han’s secrets. She and Kim Ga On have been friends since childhood and grew up like siblings. Even though she is quite popular due to her easygoing personality and good looks, only Kim Ga On is oblivious to her charms.

Original Network: tvN;

Director: Choi Jeong Kyoo [최정규]

Also known as: 악마판사 Agmapansa Akmapansa The Demon Judge Devilish Judge The Devil Judgement


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: , , , , ,

Starring: , , , , , ,

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72 Comments to “The Devil Judge (2021)

  1. Wow this comment section is a mess. Ya’ll okay?
    If you’re reading this, take it from someone watching this show for the 3rd time, there’s a reason it was a hit. It’s a quality show with intense acting, good writing, and plenty of surprises. Enjoy! Ignore the comment sections haha.

  2. Hearing this comment I really want to o watch this movie he was in sound like a great movie it’s not often you get to see a Korean actor do intense sex seems and am here for it?

  3. It´s thrilling and exciting to watch. Although I guessed some of the moment of the trama, the playing of the main characters and some of secondary’s was impeccable. Great cast and an excellent work. First male lead outstands till the end. BRAVO!!!!!!

  4. I can’t take my eyes off from him what a great content…and what a great actor they chose.justin jisung is way more talented. Even after watching all his dramas and movies I’m still obsessed and want to watch more of his dramas and movies I can’t resist his [email protected] jisung u r real actor deadass no cap.<3<3<3<3

  5. Too many people seem to be hung up on PS Partner. Ji Sung is an incredible actor regardless of what role he plays, yes, even the one in PS Partner. I’ve also seen Kill Me Heal Me, Protect the Boss, Doctor John, and Secret Love, and all of these were great shows with him acting superbly. If you are so hung up on one movie because of a sex scene or two (which a lot of mature films have, even if they’re not x-rated) then you are the one with the problem, not the actor.

    1. it’s normal that actors plays in different genres I loved him in every worok i saw with him . he is my favourite actor and no matter if he play good or bad character it’s nice to see him in drama

    2. Total agree with you there. Do those people also not watch Hollywood movies since virtually all Hollywood actors have played roles that are a lot worse and in way more explicit sex scenes – so these people must also feel the same about these other actors right, but probably not since they probably have double standards – absolutely hate people who have double standards.

  6. I’m done with drama taxi driver love it! 9/10. So this is my second drama im going to watch next ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Ji Sung is such an impressive actor, he really grabs my attention with his intensity and hidden intentions. Jinyoung seems to have found his footing, after leaving JYPE, good for him! I am enjoying watching him in this show very much. As for those people who seem to have trouble distinguishing acting and an actor’s real life persona, get a life and keep your hypocritical virtue-signaling to yourself. It’s not needed here.

  8. I would feel the same way as Glee and find it offputting to enjoy this very good movie after seeing the key actor in a porn movie – and I am not 11 years old and have a masters degree (so not too stupid).

      1. Just curious to know why you would watch a porn movie if it’s so disturbing to you? Also, happy to hear that you have a master’s degree and are not stupid.

    1. It’s not porn. It’s My P. S. PARTNER (WHAT YOU WEARING?) IT’S A MOVIE BY JI SUNG OPPA. hahahahaha! My gash! There’s some scenes but it’s not porn! ? ? ?

    2. you have no idea what the movie industry can do to you. You clearly have no idea how difficult it is to even land a decent role. What he did is what he could get his hands on because if he had something better he would have done it instead. But don’t picture yourself as a wife because with a personality like that no one would want you as partner….and neither shouldn you imagine yourself as his kid…because even if you were my child and i knew your horrible personality. I would leave you at the hospital or the orphanage

    3. having a master’s degree makes you book smart but you could still lack common sense and human decency like you. ITS hard landing roles in the industry ..don’t know whether that crossed your mind. But we’ve seen worse especially the american industry. Clearly you don’t have things to worry about since a “porn” scene keeps playing in your head

  9. I am already in love with this series, because I love Ji Sung for like 5yrs and also an ahgase and a fan of crime,detective genre so I am impressed and waiting for episode 5..

  10. I never expected I would love this as I do. I can’t stop thinking about it. That’s why I dislike watching ongoing drama ?
    Saturdays and Sundays can’t come quick enough ?

    Ps: ji Sung is a legend.

  11. obsesseddddd…..i mean what a masterpiece it is ..jisung totally nailed the show,,,cant be much more impressed,,hustle is real mannnn,,deadass no cap…

  12. This drama gets super interesting from the first second, the cast is excellent and the performances are top notch. They’ve set really high standards, I hope they deliver till the end!

  13. im loving this so far! jinyoung is a promising actor and him acting along side ji sung is refreshing to watch. i wish this is in netflix

  14. He’s an actor…sex scenes are part of an actor’s job…just watch the God damn kdrama and appreciate the actors for the part they were given to play now Jesus

  15. I’m trying to watch this drama, but it’s hard to not see Ji Sung without getting the upchuck response. He was one of my favorites until I watched a (terrible and poorly done) movie he was in that suddenly had a disgusting (really yuck) porn scene. He went from a hero to a zero in 30 seconds. Why he lowered himself to a trash film role Is beyond me. He is handsome, a phenomenal actor, had a great and respected career, and he knows how to pick a good script (unlike Ji Chang Wook, who does from dud to dud). For those reasons, I want to watch this drama. But that bad scene was so perverted, when I see him now, I see a slime ball. What was he thinking? If I were his wife, I would have divorced him over that. If I were his kids, I would ask to be adopted.

      1. It may be the 2012 movie Whatcha Wearin’? I watched it ages ago but I think there was nudity and sex scenes in it.

      2. It might be the 2012 movie Whatcha Wearin’? I watched it ages ago but if I remember correctly it had nudity and sex scenes.

    1. He’s an actor…sex scenes are part of an actor’s job…just watch the God damn kdrama and appreciate the actors for the part they were given to play Jesus

    2. My P.S partner? Sorry but it seems you are very young and shouldn’t whatch this kind of movie. It was mature movie. Its a story about a guy who meets a girl by phone sex… Beside actors should not choose a character just because look good or we’d only have dull stories.

    3. I’m sorry, what are you 11, he is an ACTOR, please do not hate on him because of a scene, kinda childish.

    4. Too bad you ain’t ? just watch the damn drama and move the fuck on . You can’t do shit at this point you’re no body .

    5. Too bad you ain’t his wife or his kids . Y’all think too much just watch the drama and move tf on . Like are you paying him ? There’s a certain level of fan girl/boy . Stay down there our opinions don’t matter to him so be a Karen about this ?

    6. so what if he did a nude{porn} scene?he is an actor and i think the nude scene is the hardest to be a good actor u must play all kind of roles.btw nobody is forcing u to watch his dramas.but if u remember that particular scene every time when u see him i think u enjoy it too much and u don’t remember other scenes from other dramas.lucy him that you’re not his wife because the poor man would have already become a monk, at what a narrow mindset you have.i think he is a great actor and he have a beautiful family andd a beautiful and open mind wife to suport him.i’m not a fan of ji sung but i like him as an actor an i respect his work and courage.I’m glad he had the courage to play such a scene in a country where everyone is so modest but scandals are everywhere. So please don’t show up as a saint anymore because having sex is very normal since the beginnings of the world.Oh, and one more thing … from the mentality I have the impression that you are part of that category of Koreans who still remained in the Middle Ages {not that I would have anything to do with the Korean people … only that some people like you should make a visit to the psychologist from time to time …}.so in the end…if u don’t like,,,don’t watch but please don’t judge an actor because of some scenes.

    7. this is one of the most stupidest comment ever! I don’t know if you are aware but humans are not supposed to be born with clothes….

    8. This is one of the stupidest comment ever! are you aware that humans are not supposed to be born with clothes…..

    9. Its a damn sex scene in a show like wth you think actors do? Its an act its a professional role and its not real like get over it

    10. His wife will be matured enough to understand the difference between acting and real life. Actors don’t have sex when they act in a sex scene. Jesus, these kids have no idea about professionalism. An good actor will ACT in all sort of roles without any inhabitation. That’s their job. As simple as that.

    11. Cause you all remember is the bed scene.. You don’t appreciate and understand the full story… too bad.. Ji Sung Oppa doesn’t need you too.. Hahahaha!

    12. He was playing a role (someones got to do it – why not him) and if he made you feel like he was a ‘slime ball’ in that particular movie then he did his job really well. Are you being serious – advising that his wife and kids leave him (whether it’s a joke or not) is just vile. So what if he has been involved in sex scenes. It’s all part of the job. Based on your remark, you must not watch any Hollywood movies because virtually all Hollywood actors in them have been involved in much worse and way more explicit sex scenes. So in your opinion, they must also all be ‘slime balls’, but probably not since you probably have double standards. Absolutely hate people with double standards.


  16. it should be on netflix 2 itll surely break the records..i mean what a wondrous actor ji sung is stuck on his beauty..

  17. I am looking forward to this new drama. I missed seeing Ji sung’s acting. He is such a versatile actor and I really love watching his dramas and Kill Me, Heal Me is one of my favorites because you can really see in this drama how a good actor Ji Sung is from comedy, action, drama.

  18. I am happy to see Ji Sung once again, It’s been long time after Doctor John. He is a real good actor ,acts so naturl

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