The Game: Towards Zero


Tae Pyeong is a prophet. When he looks into someone’s eye, he can see the moment right before they die. Tae Pyeong is smart, rich and handsome. Despite his special ability, he is a bright person. A mysterious serial murder case draws Tae Pyeong’s attention. He partners with Detective Joon Young to solve the string of murders.

Also known as: 더 게임: 0시를 향하여 / 더 게임 / Deo Geim / Deo Geim: 0shireul Hyanghayeo / The Game / The Game: Towards the Final Hour / The Game: Toward 0 AM / The Game: Toward 0 o’clock / The Game: Towards Midnight


Status: Completed

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  1. I am a fan of OK Taecyeon, as a beautiful monster in Vincenzo and as a supernatural hero in The Game: Towards Zero. I loved the series as it kept me on the edge of the seat, at least this time the police proved to have speed and deductive skills. The female for a policewoman she truly made questionable decisions that made the series boring but all in all it was worth watching.


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