The Golden Spoon (2022) Episode 13

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27 Comments to “The Golden Spoon (2022) Episode 13

  1. Damn everyone has a golden spoon now lmafaoo… I really don’t want Seungcheon to stay as himself. I love Seungcheon being Taeyong, he’s cooler when he is Taeyong

    1. Be grateful this site uploads content for free. Be grateful that they usually upload within 24 hours of the episode being released/airing on TV. Why can’t they upload it without subtitles? People who understand Korean can watch without subtitles.

  2. Thank you for hard work with the subtitles. Just to leave a positive comment, you guys deserve it. Thanks for publishing our favourite shows.

  3. guys get the Hitv app install it from their website or the playstore it has k dramas and episode 13 with subtitles x

  4. y’all gotta chill ?? I understand that you really wanna watch it, but it’s free. I think it’s only fair to give the ppl working on the subtitles some time ?

    1. You get to watch shows for free on this site, so they can post whatever they want whenever they want. People who understand Korean can watch without subtitles.

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