The Golden Spoon (2022) Episode 4

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13 Comments to “The Golden Spoon (2022) Episode 4

  1. I am really in love with seungcheon’s mom. I don’t really bother dropping a comment in this kind of stuff but I can’t keep my self expressing how I admire here.

  2. I can already tell he will choose to go back in 10 years because it’s 2011 now so they will skip to 2021 in the future episode for sure, lol.

  3. I so want to follow this episodes for ever so engaged so hooked so waiting may the goodness in every one win may every bad person repent
    Asad the late president of Syria ?? was a butcher who killed thousands of his own citizens until his own son was killed in a car ? accident now his son Bashar Al Asad is doing the same like father like son
    Wish goodness find its way to his bloody heart ❤️
    Goodness does not belong to certain culture race nor income nor standards it is a choice to choose GOD over what you can never ? ever take it with you to the grave

  4. As a child ? i had a voice of an angel ? that after i sang a song ? to my cousin i cured him from his illness his mother and father can testify for that and as a baby ? i was kidnapped for that
    I am a dreamer
    I rejected ?‍♀️ that my son would be like me
    I had never ever done any thing i help the others never build money ? for my self every time i worked i was robed
    I do not know how to act my brain ? is like a kite ? that flies every where except my own benefits
    As if it is a sin that i would have any revenue of GODS gifts ? to me
    Do all artists have that stupidity

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