The Interests of Love (2022) Episode 15

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6 Comments to “The Interests of Love (2022) Episode 15

  1. so he’s gonna stay alone
    she’s gonna stay alone
    bc alone is better for them than together??

    or he loved her more than she did him? that can be a reality as well
    nice looking actors but way too backward storyline – for everyone watching, if you can be PROACTIVE
    being passive is considered to be something very ideal

    LIFE IS SHORT… this show tends to forget thar

  2. I do not understand her why she kissing him again making him so sad.. . wanting her so bad.. killing me how she is treating him. could she just say we will not be together so please do not come around any more why say see you tomorrow ..

  3. I have a feeling that it’s not gonna be sad but a bitter-sweet ending like you will be satisfied but not satisfied at the same time. Sure they r trying to portray a reality story but there isn’t anyone out there who would go to any limit to push that person away. Agree that people fall in love and out of love, but pushing someone away for betterment/pure love is not good!

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