The King: Eternal Monarch


This is a fantasy drama about love and crime that transcends space and time. There are two universes, one of them is the present day South Korea – while the other one is historical South Korea ruled by a King. Both these worlds are interconnected by a door that if misused can bring destruction to all.

To avoid for such an event from happening, the King from the Empire and a detective from the present time join hands to avert such a crisis.

Find out what happens.

Airs: Apr 17, 2020

Also known as:  더 킹: 영원의 군주, Deoking: Yeongwonui Gunju , The King: Forever Sovereign , The King: Permanent Monarch , The King: Forever the Monarch , The King: Monarch of Eternity , 더킹: 영원의 군주 , The King , Deo King: Youngwonui Gunjoo , The King: The Eternal Monarch


Status: Completed

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161 Comments to “The King: Eternal Monarch

  1. I don’t know where should I report the problem so I’m doing it here. The problem is that the drama stops in the middle and then I have to start it all over again . And the ads are annoying too please fix them as well. Thankyou.

  2. If you haven’t seen this drama, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
    Lee Min Ho is a legend
    A red seal
    A fact .
    You too Kim Go Eun .fitting all the roles . Loved it !💗

  3. This is a mysterious drama,
    I Don’t know Korean language. So i Watch subtitle, many time i Don’t understand point, so i push and Learn subtitle and when i understand line then again watch drama. First episode i watch 4 time then i understand. Anyway i really like lee min ho and his drama also. Love From Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩

  4. that’s Lee Minho..He gives life in every drama/movie ..congratulations..also to Kim Go Eun,,very talented actress..

  5. This is one of the best K-dramas I’ve watched. Everything was on point. Waiting for the season two. ♥️

  6. This is one of the best K-dramas I’ve watched. Everything was on point. Waiting for the season two. Love you Oppa Lee Min-ho♥️

  7. When episode 14 will be posted here!??? Sighssssss I Wish right after this drama there’ll be a follow up series for Lee Min Ho bcos I am not satisfied watching him in this drama 😊

    1. A Korean article said that episode 14 will come out on June 5, episode 15 on June 6, and episode 16 (last one) on June 12. Hope this helps!

  8. Am really in love with this drama the chemistry between Lee min ho and Kim Go Eun looks real thank you for this wonderful drama despite the covid 19 we are in right now , this drama is so awesome

  9. wow. .😊 ur cool Kim go Eun. . u can find hr that she cute when she act like a badad’s 😊. . fighting go Eun. .😍😍😍😙 and I think it’s a good fantasy drama

  10. Yeah, the more you hate that person, the more you want to watch it, right? You can choose either to watch her or not…why bother yourself?..just leave her alone…this drama is amazing with ML and FL…i just love this drama

  11. I am sorry for being dumb, but someone please explain. So what year is
    the Kingdom of Korea in and what year is Republic of Korea. The lady
    from the Kingdom got a newspaper with Donald Trump on it, which would
    mean the Republic of Korea is in the future, but then her mother said
    people don’t read newspapers nowadays. I know Taeul once asked if the the Kingdom is in 2019, but then why would there suddenly be a monarchy that she never heard of in the future.

    1. good point. I;m really confused too. maybe in later episodes it will be revealed the true timeline of both worlds. for example, lee gon was just a little kid when he got her police id. but when they met they’re almost the same age. its very hard to play with timeline time travels etc….

    2. It’s a parallel universe… meaning everything share the same timeline and people but the lifestyle and the identity of the people are completely different… this is not a time travel sort of thing… it’s more like travel between two different worlds that coexist on the same timeline. I hope it cleared up a bit… I was confused at the very beginning, too, by thinking it was a time travel sort of thing.

  12. Really love this movie, both leading actors are really trying.

    Can’t wait for the remaining episode

  13. The salty bitches are upset with their pathetic life that’s why they’re so angry n busily calling someone ugly. It takes alot to be called pretty/ beautiful and that’s what you haters are missing. Well sweethearts Kim Go Eun doesn’t have to be PLASTIC to get your approval. I bet you’re tired of your boring life. Get a life haters.

  14. wohh..every episodes are getting more exciting! haha kinilig ako..
    oh mga bashers labas! im sure my bago na naman kayong naisip..kung ayaw nyo sa artista and sa story dont watch kdrama ever puro pintas nuod naman ng nuod and still addict in kdrama..haha mas marunong pa kayo sa writer and sa pumili ng bida sana kayo na lang nag audition sa role ni kim go eun im sure di kayo papasa attitude pa lang bagsak na.

  15. Seriously?? Are you from the Philippines??
    If you don’t have anything good to say👍 better to keep your mouth shut! Why do u even bother watching her drama, if you don’t like her!
    Respect is the most best thing u could ever offer, or shall i say give to anyone!
    Haters will always be haters!
    But they still stick their shadows to those they hate😔
    Sorry for the words, but u just really get into my nerves and i can’t just read ur comment without leaving a reply 📖

    We love kim go eun❤️
    And we respect lahat ng mga naging leading ladies ni Lee min Ho❤️

    God bless 😇
    May u always have a goodnight 😊

  16. OMG. Y’alls please stop bashing Kim Go Eun. She’s pretty and talented OK.. Anyway, look at yourself in the mirror first before judging Kim Go Eun 🤪🤗

  17. those who keep bashing kim go eun, you really makes me laugh..she’s beautiful and charming the more you see her and FYI good looks are not the only basis of being a great actress..may be its your first time to watch her thats why your telling non sense comment..even good looking actresses you can still see imperfection in their beauty..

    1. she is nothing especial, ive seen few Kdramas with her in it
      there are other actress that can portrait this character better with much prettier face too

      1. i guess you like pretty faces rather than amazing talents don’t you? being an actress or actors means they can act and portray the characters that the writers imagined , what if there’s an actress that have the prettiest face but act like a piece of shit? do you still idolize them? if you do , it means that you liked their face and not their job . having a talent of acting is the important one and having a pretty of handsome face is just a major bonus .

        1. Exactly I support wat u say, to me for a drama like w 2 world it was such a nice and lovely but the actress really sucks she was beautiful but couldn’t express her emotions I jus had 2 watch it cause of oppa, but the actress frankly did not know how to portray her role

    2. for me she’s pretty, especially when u look nearer … she has lovely eyes, and skin…

  18. Lee Min Ho acting is keep better and better. Kim Go eun is beautiful in her own way too.
    This writter Nim, please give me a happy ending …

  19. Kim Go Eun is one of my favourite actress. She is fit at any roles, as beautiful girl, as a naughty girl or innocent one. Her acting I find one of the most fine . I am always looking forward to see her in the drama.

  20. I really love this drama Lee min ho oppa is my best Korean actor I waited two years for his next movie and its finally hear please upload the episodes quickly Saranghee oppa

  21. I Totally agree!!! of all beautiful actresses in Korea gosh! Why this Girl.. here in the Philippines her face is such an ordinary… Good Thing she got the korean skin but imagine if shes a black girl Gudluck to her😂 #BadGirlAround #Beastmode #NoToKimGoEun

    1. Your words reflect yourself noob. I think nobody want you out there as you have a ugly heart and such as a racist. Just say that you’re jealous with her. kbyeee >,<

    2. What do you mean if she is a black girl. She will still look most beautiful women she is now. Stop telling people they are ugly. Just bec you can’t fine you Self beautiful wit your ugly character

    3. Hey she’s a great actor and that’s all that matters. Why should the actors and actresses be beautiful? Why can’t they be normal? It makes them more relatable! I cannot relate anyone to Lee Min Ho but I can relate and understand Kim Go Eun! Stop being so shallow and appreciate for her performance sand not her face! I really hope the people from Philippine are not as shallow as you

    4. don’t be hating on people just bc you are jealous i bet that u can’t do even a tiny thing of what she is doing

    5. Seriously! Are you from the Philippines??
      Iba talaga ohhh?? Sana madami pang hindi ganito mag isip sa pinas, kung ayaw mo sa kanya wag kana mag comment, un lang un!!
      Jusme hindi ko tlaga ma take ung mga gnitong pag uugali, ung hindi alam ang word na “RESPECT”

    6. yeah phils is full of ugly shit monkey girls! do you like that? proud to be fil but your character aint filipino! you little monkey shit!!

    7. Your fake no face kim go eun is the one of the most beautiful woman in korea she is simple and her smile is contagious i believe she has a big heart with kindness i love her acting hope they fell in love for good with lee min ho

    8. Hold up “imagine if she’s a black girl”? Seriously I don’t need to see you to know how dumb you are. I’ve seen many Filipinos and majority of them can’t compare to her beauty. And then FYI nobody is asking if you are a racist or not, as in for crying out loud what has black got to do with the movie. Well I can only get that you are jealous of her accomplishment because people like you are those that can’t embrace good things because it’s not happening to you. My advice – think about your life MAYBE that will help you to stop hating on other cos You Are No BETTER

  22. Cheers to the K-drama magnet Lee MinHo oopa and the lovely beautiful leading lady Kim Go Eun. Sarangeyo😍…Stunning and talented as usual. Love it so much.😁😱

    1. If you are the Director or the Writer for sure you can decide on that. Since you’re not just be sensetive on giving out your views.Thank You 😉😘

  23. If I could reply you in my venecular I would. Talent before beauty I know this lady from Goblin she’s beautiful and talented anytime. Create your own show and act it.

  24. i was also disappointed for the lead actress, why her of all other Korean actress they have with good looks and acting skills

      1. Yes, despite her looks, her acting performance is way better than any other actress with good looking. I have been waiting for new movie since Goblin. I get the vibe from this actress even i don’t remember her name.

  25. Geez!!! Who else thinks our favorite Korean male actor was made to play the role with a fugly woman??! Seriously! That girl is ugly. Lee Min Ho deserves better! I have a feeling I’m gonna hate this drama because of that girl.

    1. why? kim go-eun is one of the most talented actress in korea. she acts better than some other actress.

    2. How can you say that? She’s beautiful. And she’s perfect for her role. I love her. Which one have you played a role in? You have an ugly heart.

    3. What the hell are you girls she’s beautiful and don’t disrespect her I bet u should rather look at yourself in the mirror shes got the most beautiful personality and smile did u even watch GOBLIN!?

    4. First of all, no one is born ugly. So please don’t refer to anyone as ugly. And second, Kim Go Eun is beautiful inside out, and extremely talented. She does her role extremely well indeed, every one of her roles. If you feel you’ll hate this drama, don’t watch it, it is that simple.

    5. Lol you really have low thinking , i guess you are really very ugly in real life both inner and outward , get a life bro/sis ,

    6. You must be from Malaysia who judge based on external or beauty than talent. I know Malaysian well, coz am Malaysian too and their judgmental on people looks. But not all, like me. Vote for TALENT!

    7. huh? what? Kim Go Eun is gorgeous in her own ways. who are you to judge? girl, don’t insult other people if you do not want to be insulted back. ugly? you’re the ugly one.

  26. Hahahahah I’ve been waiting for this drama since last year can you believe? >.< I'm so excited I'm screaming!!

  27. Wow, waited for it for MONTHS and the first episode is just awful. I’ll check back in a couple of episodes

  28. love this drama….waiting for next episode…..for those who are confused this drama shows the story of two parallel worlds… where leeminho is and another where kim goeun is…..and the story goes backandforth to those two worlds…….one world is ancient type and another is present

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