The One and Only (2021)


‘Only One Person’ is a human melodrama in which three terminally ill women who met at a hospice, become entangled in an unexpected murder case and begin a miraculous journey of facing their precious ‘one person’ after fighting to take down the only bad ‘one person’ before they die.

Pyo In Sook is a stubborn and insensitive woman who even after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, doesn’t know what kind of feelings to feel. On the other hand, Min Woo Cheon is a mysterious hitman hidden under a veil. Although he is a natural killer with superior physical condition, sharp instincts and clever mind, he struggles with deep emotional scars and profound sense of emptiness from having lived a crooked life that he didn’t want to lead. After the two meet, they wind up becoming the most important person in each other’s life.

In their lives, two more women show up, equally carrying a heavy toll on their shoulders. One such woman is the housewife, Kang Se Yeon, who has led a pretty normal life without being noticed by anyone. She realises the rift between ordinary and stability that she believed and relied on so much only after being sentenced to death.

While the other woman, Seong Mi Do, who is a famous SNS influencer, also doesn’t have much time left to live. With death close ahead of her successful life, she experiences various complex emotions.

Original Network: jTBC;

Director: Oh Hyeon Jong [오현종]

Also known as: 한 사람만 Han Saramman Han Salamman Just One Person Only One Person


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Dec 20, 2021

Genres: , ,

Starring: , ,

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  1. thank you for the subtitles, have a good night or day wherever you are.
    god bless and don’t stress x

    1. This ain’t funny. I doubt you are saying this nonsense to the one providing the subtitle. If you are, then you are foolish and immature. If you want the subs so bad, sacrifice yourself just like this person does. Such an ungrateful human being

  2. If you want the subs. Why don’t you guys do the subtitle ? It’s reckon hard . So be thoughtful and bloody wait. Props to the ppl putting out the movies for us to watch. So be mindful and Greatful ?

      1. How do you know have you ever subbed an video before if you did you wouldn’t be complaining and it’s not like that’s the only thing going on in their life.

  3. Thank you very much for the subtitles and timing from the Never Walk Alone Team, it is much appreciated. Don’t mean to sound ungrateful with impatience. This drama is really good and I think I’ll just start thinking of this as a Saturday drama.

  4. Stop whining about the fucking subs and tell us if it’s any good or not. Also not one of you ingrates ever bothers to say thank you when the subs arrive

    1. tbh it’s fair ppl are mad bec this drama has international viewers, especially bec an idol is in it :/ no need to be harsh + subs actually arrive quick usually but since you need to pay to get further episodes in viki, and those also take a long time to be subbed ppl are obv gonna be mad

    2. Eh what? haha. We can ask about subs, try to remind them that people are waiting bc it’s extremely later than normal. It takes DAYS, while other dramas take some hours. It ruins the experience. They are the ones who should change.. Should we just shut our mouths without telling our opinions? No, thank you.

      1. It’s called whining and nagging. Don’t like it, don’t use this site. I enjoy this site – used to do Vikki (who don’t pay subbers and are (or were, I don’t subscribe now) SO BEHIND other sites for subbing.

    3. There were 4 people who commented their thanks and gratitude to the subbers before your comment. Perhaps you are the ingrate for not checking before running your mouth. And yes the drama is very good, I highly suggest watching it. I hope you enjoy.

      1. If one person punches someone in the face and 4 others don’t then it’s a problem to let the one person know this is not ok? I appreciate kindness and politeness – evidently this does not matter to you.

      2. Thank you for the recommendation! but there were no thanks when I posted that I could see, only entitled bitching

    1. i’ve been waiting for hoursss for the subs ??this drama is very anticipated, idk why there’s so much delay in subtitles

  5. Im really curious why does it take more then 1 day to give subs for this drama? : /
    Anyways thank you still for uploading

  6. Why is there still no subs for The one and only?
    Im sorry but i have never needed to wait so long for subs for a drama before

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