The Red Sleeve Cuff (2021)


The drama tells the love story between a court lady who follows her life principles, and the emperor, who is dominated by responsibility to the nation.

The plot is based on the birth mother of the Crown Prince Moon Hyo, who started as court lady and rose to the position of the highest rank of royal concubine.

Song Dok Im ( Lee Se Young ) is a lady-in-waiting, she is quite freedom-loving, follows her life principles and does not want to be another woman of the king. Dok Im lives a peaceful life, but things change dramatically when she meets Lee Sang, who is to become the king of Joseon, Jeonjo.

Lee Sang ( Lee Chun Ho ) is a proud and ambitious direct descendant and eldest grandson of the king. He studies hard and all his thoughts and desires are aimed at becoming a good and wise king in the future. Li Sang has a deep wound in his heart following the death of his father, Crown Prince Sado. After meeting with Song Dok Im, the soul of ambitious Lee Sang undergoes changes that he himself is not aware of. The romantic feelings that blossomed in the soul of this pragmatist come into violent conflict with the cold reason and responsibility that he bears as the leader of the nation.

– Based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Kang Mi Kang.

Airs from 05.11.2021, on Fridays and Saturdays

Also known as:  옷소매 붉은 끝동 衣袖紅鑲邊 衣袖红镶边 Ot Somae Bolkeun Kkeutdong Ossomae Bulgeun Kkeutdong Otsomae Beulgeun Kkeuddong Dress Sleeved Red /The Red Sleeve Cuff Red Cuff of the Sleeve /Red End of Clothes and Sleeves /The Red-Stained Sleeve Cuff



Status: Completed

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Air Date: Nov 05, 2021

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71 Comments to “The Red Sleeve Cuff (2021)

  1. It truly was an honour to watch this series. A refreshing take on a principled king with outstanding morals. It is different from the normal take of the historical Kdramas about kings who loved multiple women. King San, was a good man, who died because of a heartache for the love of his life. I admire Deok-im, just a little bit. She had set her principles on the life style she wanted and not to be a concubine because she didn’t want to share the man she loved, but at the same it was the custom in those days so she didn’t real have much choice. Much appreciation to the producers, directors and the cast, this was breath-taking, refreshing and really loved it.

  2. This givin me Scarlet Heart’s Vibe. Funny at start and the drama getting heavier and heavier towards the end. I end up finishing it in two days. On Valentines Day which is a bad idea. I end up crying esp the last episode. Hehe
    Probably one of my fave series of 2021

    1. Scarlet heart is my fav kdrama and this one has the same vibe . I’m happy to find another masterpiece. Also mr queen has the same vibe and I suggest you to watch it .

  3. I was literally crying from episode 15 to 17 I couldn’t stop at all and when episode 17 came through my tears were pouring rain never have I cried so much since The Heirs. And when the scene came up I was like what it gave me twilight confusion. So I say screw you director for making me cry so much. This is your fault. ??

  4. OMG?..gotta a heartache?..relieved at d end❤️And i’ve lost much tears???…8s too good to watch when it’s uploaded till jz 3 days i had watched it completely ?..10Q dramacool for the effort❤️?…So love kdramas❤️

  5. Why tf did they do us like that? I don’t care if it’s about a real story :/. heart wrenching end to one of my fav dramas of all times. I am still a bit thankful for making me cry my heart out tho, since I haven’t cried to a movie or a series in a really long time!!!
    Watch it now!!!! you wont regret!!!!

    1. I know right I keep searching the time in South Korea ?Fiji is 3 hours ahead so I waited till 3am today for them to upload 12am sharp Korean time but they didn’t ? Now its 8:10pm here and they still haven’t uploaded ?‍♂️?

  6. I am absolutely enjoying this drama. Thank you Dramacool for your all your efforts and hard work to get these episodes out asap.

  7. Let me just put it out here.
    Airing dates are Friday and Saturday (unless there is a reason for a hold back)
    It comes out 9.30pm KST (Korean standard time), convert it to your timezones if you wish
    And of course it would take them a few hours to sub it. It’s not an easy task and literally over one hour, so y’all should chill.

    Dramacool team thank you for you effort! Fighting!

    1. Let me just put it out here.
      Airing dates are Friday and Saturday (unless there is a reason for a hold back)
      It comes out 9.30pm KST (Korean standard time), convert it to your timezones if you wish
      It takes them a few hours to sub it. It’s not an easy task and literally over one hour.

      Dramacool team thank you for you effort! Fighting!

  8. Dramacool team I appreciate your efforts of getting the dramas so we can enjoy them but now ya’ll uploaded a different drama under Red Sleeve ? I’ve been waiting for this episode the whole week and ya’ll upload incorrectly ? ? ? ? so dissapointed ? ? ?!!!

  9. Dramacool please fix episode 3 as it is not the Red Sleeve Cuff. You have uploaded a different drama. Thank you for fixing it as soon as possible.

  10. This drama is a must watch! Only 2 episodes but already I’m captured by how amazing it is. The child actors/actresses are amazingly talented they played their roles beautifully. Looking forward to the next one ☺

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