True Beauty (2020)


ΤAfter binge-watching beauty videos online, a shy, comic book fan masters the art of make-up, then sees her social standing skyrocket as she becomes her school’s prettiest pretty girl literally overnight. But will her elite status be short-lived? How long can she keep her “real self” a secret? And what about that cute boy she likes? Could you imagine if he found out the truth?

Adapted from the webcomic “True Beauty” by Yaongyi.

Director: Kim Sang Hyeob [김상협]

Also known as: 여신강림 여신강림 Yeoshinkangrim The Secret of Angel


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: , ,

Starring: , ,

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505 Comments to “True Beauty (2020)

  1. Exactly, she has been with suho for practically the whole drama and suddenly you want her to end up with seojun? That doesn’t make the slightest sense. And have people even sat to think maybe jukyung doesn’t like seojun? Realistically speaking the ending is great and doesn’t look like it needs a season2.

    1. Lol. This is exactly what I was trying to point out to other people. It just doesn’t make sense for her to end up with Seojun. Seojun is a great guy but Jugyeong never liked him more than a friend. You can’t force yourself to like someone else.

  2. Trash! She should have ended up with Seo jun
    It’s like that even in webton. They can save it with season 2 tho. So let’s hope they make one.

    1. you are a trash! not the drama! how can a well brained person can even expect something trashy ending like this?? after having a love story with suho in the entire drama who expects this shit to happen????

    2. Yessss i agree with you it was trash SEO JUN GOT A BAD ENDING i have not watched episode 15 and 16 but i heard he gets a bad ending i was only watching for seo jun but yuh know life is hard sometimes. 🙁

    3. just because she ended up with Suho you’ll call it a trash? bruh your attitude huh, i want also Seojun to be happy at the end and if needed i want him to find his own girl but dont call it trash just because you want someone for jugyeong, jugyeong loves suho and suho loves her too so what can we do? its jugyeong story tho

    4. You’re right! He was always there for her and at the she still goes running in his arms. Soo Ho was being so obsessive, it got me even more angry. Let’s just hope she ends up with him in season 2, because she really broke him. Poor Seo Jun I hope he gets better.

    5. I mean okay I get you but I feel like everyone is lacking her feelings. If she is happy with Suho than there shouldn’t be a problem. Seojun will find love soon but he is achieving his dreams which is really important too:) Plus Seojun is the second male lead, in no kdrama I have watched had the female lead and second male lead together. It’s just a story anyway, so we can’t control it, it’s what the author/director wanted the ending to be and we should just appreciate that the story was introduced to us in the first place:)

    6. What are you talking about? Even in the webtoon Suho & Jukyung ended. Seojun is just only the 2nd lead, perhaps you should be also happy for Seojun because he already become an idol which is his dream. So just go cry about it, thus don’t call the drama “trash” because seojun and jukyung didn’y end, if you want that to happen make your own movie lmfao.

    7. Yo you are speaking like a real dummy now because if it’s not your first time watching dramas you would know that she would obviously end up with suho she was never meant to have a serious relationship with soejun because he is not the main lead, i also support their relationship but i always known that they would never end up together so please this is a public platform so learn how to filter your thoughts and get it together this comments acts as reviews of the movie and we don’t want people to get discouraged while choosing dramas 👌

    8. FInally and ya the k-drama is trash all of yall that are saying “oh your trash the drama is so good”. the drama fucking sucks its not even like the webtoon. i finally found a Team Seojun. <3

  3. well, true beauty ends HUHUHU dis has been a good drama so far hoping to have season 2 and I was so happy that all of them got a happy ending and yeah sooo happy for Seojun for finally achieving his dream and also happy for da relationship of Suho and Jukyung even tho I’m a Team Seojun still I’m very happy for all of them. gonna wait until season 2 happens tho HAHAHA see ya guys again in maybe a Season 2 True Beauty uwu

  4. Please kindly upload the episode 15 and 16. As soon as possible. Thank you very much. Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh

  5. I JUST realized that WE ARE ALL WAITING FOR EPISODE 15 BUT IN A LOT OF K-DRAMA’S A LOT OF THEM END ATT EPISODE 16…very few are 20 episodes..lets just hope there’s more then 16 episodesss

    1. I think that it will end with just 16 episode 🙁 take a look to wikipedia true beauty’s page. I’m also very sad 🙁

    1. uggggg why is it not coming im not going to wait if it says a date that is going to come out then do it on that day its killing meeeeeeeeee stop with the bullshit

  6. There are missing subtitles. Can anyone pls fix this. 🥺🥺🥺🥺
    I was excited prior, but kinda throw me off because of the subtitle. Thank you

    1. Nxt week wednesday and thursday 🙂 new eps only publish at these days but if u want subtitles u have to wait for the day after the release of the new ep cuz its still raw

    1. tbh in webtoon to Suho then it became Seojun & now in this drama I’m more Team Seojun but I know she will end-up with Suho

    2. tbh I’m Team Suho first then became Seojun then now I’m more Team Seojun on the drama b=even I know she will end-up with Suho but I understand now why

    1. In episode nine suho will breaking up with ju kyung 🤧😭 because suho has care of soo jin i think soo jin make some thing to make ju kyung get jelous 🤧😭

  7. hello everyone: eng sub on epi 7 is already available on ASIANTAXI. you can also check there regularly for the next episodes, they are few hrs in advance than the others.

  8. Finally jan.6!!!! but still we can only watch it on jan 7 for the subtitles ughhh well guess we still have to wait for thusday for ep.7 with subtitles

    1. you have to check on ASIANTAXI website, they are quite few hours in advance on eng subs if you can’t wait to watch it !

  9. I’m waiting so long today is the day that ep 7 will release jan 4 Ayt tomorrow pa !!! I’m sad waiting for nothing

  10. Why the other Kdrama was able to release it every week, why the TRUE BEAUTY staff cannot do it? The fans might not be excited anymore to wait and look for other drama instead????

    1. They we’re supposed to post it last week as scheduled but one of the casts in the drama caught covid so they have to postpone the airing of the drama

    2. The man who acted as the vice principal of the school got positive and they had to test all of the casts to make sure. Well as a fan of True Beauty, I can consider it. lol


    1. I was wondering what taking them so LOOOOOONG to release it? Not like the PHOENIX 2020, every week they have new episode.. Fans might not get excited because of this delay ::{ fans here from the Philippines….

  11. I saw a post on Instagram that said the true beauty crew stop filming urgently because one of the supporting cast has been tested positive for coronavirus 😐😭

  12. We have to wait another 7 Days for episode 7 to come out. It says on Viki if you guys are wondering why it hasn’t came out.
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa NO ANOTHER 7 DAYS TO WAIT

    1. Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share
      (AGB Nielsen)[37]
      Nationwide Seoul
      1 December 9, 2020 3.573% (2nd) 4.056% (2nd)
      2 December 10, 2020 3.626% (1st) 3.963% (1st)
      3 December 16, 2020 3.813% (2nd) 4.711% (2nd)
      4 December 17, 2020 3.586% (1st) 3.824% (1st)
      5 December 23, 2020 3.859% (2nd) 4.293% (2nd)
      6 December 24, 2020 3.333% (1st) 3.724% (1st)
      7 January 6, 2021
      8 January 7, 2021

  13. I just saw it on Facebook someone posted that the Episode 7 and 8 will be aired on January 7 and 8 that’s why this website didn’t released it yet ^^

  14. I just saw it on Facebook someone posted that the Episode 7 and 8 will be aired on January 7 and 8 that’s why this website didn’t released it yet

    1. Episode 7 and 8 has been delayed until 6 January 2021.the reason being that all the crew are to participate in a covid-19 test, since one supporting actor has been reported with the case

    2. I saw a post on Instagram that said the true beauty crew stop filming urgently because one of the supporting cast has been tested positive for coronavirus

  15. just so you know eps 7 and 8 will be airing next week not this week. also the drama airs every wednesday and thursday night in korea. the subs are always up in less than 24 hours which is very fast. this is a streaming website and not an official source so begging for episodes sooner won’t do anything.

    1. I heard it will be delayed kase yung vice principal daw sa drama na covid so the rest of the actors had to undergo some test, etc

  16. Commenting this on behalf of everyone:

    Ang episode lumalabas at 10:30PM KST (Korean Standard Time) , 9:30 yun sa’tin every Wednesday and Thursday.

    Pagkalabas ng episode siyempre wala agad subtitle yun kaya kailangan pang gawan. Maproseso yun. Kaya kung realistic tayo, Thursday and Friday pa tayo makakanood.

    Translators are trying their best para mahatiran tayo ng new episodes so wag kayong laging galit okay? Pasalamat na lang tayo at may free streaming sites gaya nito.

    1. True.. ang dami ko talagang nababasa dito..
      Minsan sana maisipan niyong pagka air ng new episode, hindi agad² yan magagawang ng sub title.. Kaya nga nilalagyan nila ng (Raw) to inform everyone na hindi pa full completed yung sub title.. please do appreciate po sa mga gumagawa at nag exert ng effort.. and learn how to say thank you..

  17. Raw Episodes are uploaded after 2 hrs it was released 10pm Korea time then for us to watch it with English subs around 2am tayo mag aabang.

    1. sa Korean 10:30 pm pinapalabas ung true beauty
      every wed and thursday. yung episode ng Wednesday mapapanood natin ng thursday kasi nilalagyan pa ng subtitle . tapos ung episode ng thursday mapapanood mo po ng Friday kasi ginagawan pa po ng sub.
      pero minsan naglalabas na sila ng video maaga kaso walang sub. fighting hintay lang tayo HAHA


  18. Baka bukas pa po ata yng satin. Kase hindi naman yan basta-basta. Katulad po kase ata nung episode 3 at 4. Baka yng episode 5 ay bukas tapos yng episode 6 ay sa Dec. 25 pa po. In short late po talaga satin.. In my opinion ganon po kase sa akin sa episode 3 at 4..

      1. sa Korean 10:30 pm pinapalabas ung true beauty
        every wed and thursday. yung episode ng Wednesday mapapanood natin ng thursday kasi nilalagyan pa ng subtitle . tapos ung episode ng thursday mapapanood mo po ng Friday kasi ginagawan pa po ng sub.
        pero minsan naglalabas na sila ng video maaga kaso walang sub. fighting hintay lang tayo HAHA

    1. sorry but true beauty wil delay because one of main characters in true beauty are positive in covid so we just wait we wil pray that they are ok

    2. You still cant watch it for now cuz the ep.5 will be released in korea every wednesday and thursday but the episode 5 will be posted on sites tomorrow thursday and the episode 6 that is going to be release tomorrow will be posted in kdrama sites in friday…so you can watch it the day after it release.

  19. I love this drama bec i have the same story, when im in high school i experience bullying because i dont have a Eyebrow becauce i have a alopecia, But luckily i met someone who accept me for who i am. And i learn to use Make up for my eyebrow.

  20. When I watch this drama it really touch me. It desame to my you know that i can’t even date anyone because of something I just want to hide?it really kill me inside. It so hard to live when you can’t dress the way you want. I was 2 years old when my cousin push me and I accidentally fell into a not boiling water while mu grandmother is cooking.I got a serious burn.around my body and hand.starting that day my life become mesirable its so hard living like this .every time I went to school all my classmates bullying me. I am shy around.I always want to be alone ..I always wearing jacket just to hide my scarsI can’t even work on a work that I want because of this.. Living like this is like Im in hell.

    1. Hey you shouldn’t feel like this about your insucirites
      Not only you everyone is insecure the way they look or how their body looks
      Our imperfections make us special trust me no one is perfect and if someone bullies you for your imperfections you should think that they have a problem with their lame thinking and u need to be brave and think that no one is perfect in this world u have to learn to embrace your imperfections you have to accept those first yourself only then u will be able to not give a damn how people think u look like 🙂

    2. I feel sorry for you.
      If you could get plastic surgery for this reason,i guess it should be fine. No one will judge you since you have been through so many hard things due to that accident.

      Well i do realize not everyone afford to get plastic/cosmetic surgery..

        1. Omg, I’m sorry~ if it makes you feel any better the classmates who bullied you can eat pure ass. I don’t know how you could go through this, personally, I’m a really confident and nice person but there have been dark times, if you’re ever having a hard time remember you are STILL beautiful despite everything you’ve been through. True beauty comes from the heart, and you are VERY beautiful

        2. See the first thing you shoud do is to accept yourself the way you are. Physical appearance or outer beauty never matters. Make those burns your uniqueness and accept them. Don’t let others opinion affect you. Be confident and love yourself the way you are. I know its not easy to do that but its not impossible too, right?

    3. I feel your pain and I’m with you on this one. It ok to feel that way. we all have some insecurities about ourselves in one way or the other but in all this we still gotta live on. I hope you get some comfort from this drama and live your life to the fullest without pleasing anyone but yourself.

    4. Just remember that if someone loves you, they will love you for who you are despite the burn marks on your skin. And don’t let them burn marks consume you and stop you from doing anything, you can do whatever you want as long as you really want to, also those people that used to bully you only did that because they had problems themselves, and felt that by bullying people they would feel better, and don’t forget that your Beautiful and life is too short, live it the way you want to.

    5. try to have confidence do not let other people define who you are dont let fear control you ….you have a whole life to leave …you never know what will happen in your life in the next 5 years….. people have different scars can be emotional scars or physical scars like yours people will treat the way you carry youself just walk head high …

    6. I know how you feel. I have severe scars too, but fortunately, my scars are on my back so nobody can really see them.
      I hope by me sharing this you can gain more confidence. I actually once couldn’t understand why I had these scars. Like why me out of all the people in this world. But then one day I came across a video of this person who said this “everybody has disabilities mine is just visible”. This completely changed my view on the world because for once I wasn’t the only one with problems anymore.
      I really hope that this helps. Stay strong.

    7. Im so sorry this happend to u but i just want to say that id doesn’t matter if u have a scar or u don’t. Is about how u act and if ur a good person and i think ur a really nice person so don’t be afraid to show ur scar be brave and show people that u love ur self for who u are and if somebody makes fun of u it tells u what kind of person they are. ❤️

      1. Ou so every wensday and thursday comes a new episode i didnt know that i thought we can just watch 4 episodes thank you for the information guys:))

  21. Love this drama! It’s cheesy but that’s exactly what I need right now lol! Can’t wait for ep. 4 to be released! I’m looking forward to the jealousy 😉

  22. I love it btw for those people who r waiting let me just sy something/advice True beauty episode are always release on Wednesday or Thursday for the next ep and now it’s Thursday so there is ep 3 now

    HWANG IN YEOP(1991)

  24. the drama is way more different than the webtoon, actually I am very shocked when Sua is Soojin’s bestfriend, Sua also had a boyfriend but I’m happy though, I waited for this but I’m not reading webtoon since our summer vacation started, lol its just because I am so bored waiting for them to update another ep cause I don’t have a coins so I need to wait for weeks just to read another one, anyway for those who are asking when will ep.3 air here, its tomorrow.

  25. when is episode 3 coming out???? It already 12/16 : ( but I’m thankful for the providers and dramacool its just I’m impatient I can’t wait anymore and I don’t want to watch it anywhere else.

  26. paghuwat mo oy mga chanak. every wednesday and thursday na mag air aymog atat. unsay gusto ninyo mag una mos tvn? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  27. for all to know every episode has one day delay if the air of an episode is wednesday they will post it on thursday here on dramacool. I think it goes the same on other websites. Let’s wait…

  28. does someone know, who is the guy that helping an hyun kyu the (spectacles boy) arranging the flower on the floor for sooA and tae hoon 100th anniversary .EPISODE 2

    1. does someone know, who is the guy that helping an hyun kyu the (spectacles boy) arranging the flower on the floor for sooA and tae hoon 100th anniversary .EPISODE 2

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