Vincenzo (2021)

Vincenzo Casano (Song Joong Ki) grew up in Italy and became a cold-blooded strategist and lawyer for the Mafia. He looks like a nice person, but he can take revenge without hesitation. He also has excellent negotiation skills. Vincenzo returns to South Korea after the outbreak of war in mafia circles.
He falls in love with Hong Cha Young (Jung Yeo Bin), an elite lawyer who works for the large Usan law firm. She is one of those lawyers who are willing to do anything to win a case.
Jang Joon Woo (Ok Taek Young) is a law intern who works for Usan alongside Hong Cha Yeon. He grew up abroad and has good looks and an innocent smile. He trusts and admires Hong Cha Young.

Also known as: 빈센조 Binsenjo


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129 Comments to “Vincenzo (2021)

  1. This drama is a Netflix Original,there’re no problems watching it.there. I hope this is not a spoiler but
    I was so disappointed with the last two episodes. Why did the writers go to that super violent extreme
    by turning our wonderful Vincenzo into a complete monster???? Other wise a great drama ! Too Bad!!

    1. wdym??? he’s literally a mafia, what do you expect mafias do?? being softies or sumn?? reading your comment is actually disappointing, yeah you have the right to be dissatisfied by the last episodes but i dont understand why are you disappointed because vincenzo was so brutal??? i mean it was already clear that vincenzo is a mafia, meaning he is a brutal one, and it was their goal to be like that in the first place. *SPOILERS AHEAD* like they said, they don’t want to give the other villains a peaceful death, so you should have already expected that they were going that way in the last episodes. it seems like you watched just for the laughs and sweet moments when this drama is composed a big portion of its dark elements.

      1. I totally agree with you, mafias are meant to be brutal lol, and i personally enjoyed the whole drama as i love action and thriller alongside with the romance. Honestly, i’m laughing by reading that person’s comment lmao.

    2. *may contain spoilers*
      wdym??? he’s literally a mafia, what do you expect mafias to do?? being softies or sumn? reading your comment makes me wanna laugh, yeah you have the right to feel dissatisfied by the last episodes, but I don’t understand why are you disappointed because vincenzo was brutal. i mean it was already clear that vincenzo is a mafia, meaning he is and has to be brutal, and it was their goal to be like that in the first place. like what they said in the drama, it takes a monster to rule out a monster and they don’t want to give the others a peaceful death, so you should have at least expected they were going that way in the last episodes.

  2. Will I able to watch vincenzo? I think before they upload i’ll die😿 because iam so in love with this drama

  3. This drama is getting so addicted to me untill now everything about this dram is good, it’s kinda interesting…. Iam waiting so patiently that iam out of control now ……why is it not uploading next ep arrrrrrrr😫😫😩😩

  4. Today is Saturday and the korean time has passed as said…. Unless we r waiting for it to be uploaded on netflix 😞😞😞😞

  5. I really need ep17 up to final episode…. I can’t wait to watch next ep….my blood really wants it
    SO PLEASE UPLOAD FAST….. plz plz plz 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. They are playing with us like what vagabond did…my mind dey for kdramas so chebaya stop putting us in suspense eh. I can’t even concentrate😣

  7. Aha naman ang ep17 oi pastilan nganung dugay man. Nag upload tuod silag rp 16.5 wa poy English sub kahibawong maskin sige tag tan aw K-serries bugo gihapon ta di gihapon maka sabot.

  8. This series reminded me of the 2011 series – ‘Vampire Prosecutor’. Just like SJK in ‘Vincenzo’ carries that lighter, n always opens n closes it’s lid, Yeon jung-hoon also did the same during investigations in ‘vampire prosecutor’.

    1. The special is just the patch surrogate to cover the block of last four episodes, because of legal issue of broadcasting company> Maybe we’ll not see the end of this drama. Buy the way Vincenzo is a “consigliori” not a consiglieri.

    1. It will be there on Saturday this episode is paused. As they want to improve the standard of drama can’t wait for Saturday

  9. Really I can’t wait for another week please upload it now ,my mind is in another world thinking what’s gonna happen next ……. 😵😵😵😵🤯🤯🤯🤯

  10. Why special episode eng sub is taking so long..i really cant wait to watch..without eng sub we didnt understand please upload with subtitle fast🙏🥺

  11. I’ve never seen such an intriguing series ever… At the end of almost every latter episodes, it’s someone holding a gun at someone’s face… All the weekdays I’m just craving for the next episodes… SJK is really an incredible actor… Each and every episode of this series keeps me captivated till the end… Fighting, Vincenzo!!!✊

    1. well even though only you think this series is bad, ALL OF US here think your existence is worse. get a life. and stop coming here if you have nothing positive to say.

      1. wow; hold on, you went overboard, even though it’s true that if they didn’t like the drama they should have just stopped watching it and not say rude things you don’t have to go this far, this kind of overly aggressive comments saying that someone’s existence is something bad affect people in real life, it’d be nice if you refrained yourself from generalizing and writing this kind of ruthless comments, please, there’s no need to be so abrupt and ill-mannered. No need to offend anyone for them to get your point.

  12. Love SJK from descendants of the 🌞 But this got me the moment “Vincenzo” trailer was made available on Netflix. Now, I’m always looking forward to this every Sat and Sun.

  13. 👏 SJK is too adorable, too cute and innocent face then being part of a mafia? … hahahaha..after watching the episode 1, you’ll gonna say, I am excited for the next episode…😍

  14. This is really so cute, SJK is adorable…I thought this might be full of violence, since it entangles with Mafia syndicate but this drama is so unique and all of the casts are so funny. Way to go and this might soar up high in ratings…Best of luck VINCENZO!

    1. The writers didn’t want to end it in a dramatic type like other serials as they just quickly wrap it in last episode and then the main cast couldn’t do to much to his opponents

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