Want a Taste?


Ba Yoo Ran is a successful career driven woman who puts her faith in something once she starts believing in it. Her husband is 6 younger than her. She manages to put him through law school . She also takes over her in-law’s restaurant, which is not doing well. She tries to bring it to success.Also known as: 맛 좀 보실래요? / 맛 좀 보실래요 / Mat Jom Bosillaeyo / Would You Like a Taste?


Status: Ongoing

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20 Comments to “Want a Taste?

  1. Can someone please change Bae Yoo Ran to Kang Hae Jin please, the name is off. Haejin is the main female protagonist

  2. I want apologies about my comment on Feb 18, 2020 to the writer of this drama after I am watching episodes 79.

    This drama still make enjoyed and interested to waiting the continue episodes until the end.
    I like it very much the childs actor & actress (Gwang Ju & Yoo RI)

    Look like Seo Do Young & Shim Yi Young have a best characters in this drama.

  3. Bae Yoo Ran back to Oh Dae Koo house ????
    This is terrible especially for My Lovely Gwang Ju.
    Sad to see him right now. Hope this cute boy will not be stress.

    Kang Chul Jin with Lee Jin Bong –> oh no……
    Yoo Ri will very sad….

    What happen to the writer…
    Why make so complicated this story…
    From beginning the story always make interested to waiting a new episodes.
    Now the story very… very… boring.

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