Why Her (2022)


A melodrama about the romance story between a professor and a student in law school.

Oh Soo Jae ( Seo Hyun Jin ) is an ambitious lawyer who became the youngest partner in TK Law Firm, the best law firm in Korea.She always wants to win, but at the same time she never backs down from her principles. Howver, a fatal mistake causes Oh Su Jae to lose her job and end up as an assistant professor at a law school. There she meets Gong Chan, a student who has faced many trials.

Gong Chan is a freshman at Seojun University School of Law and a bar owner. He met Oh Soo Jae in the past when he was accused of a crime he did not commit. After serving time in prison, he decides to study law in order to help others defend their innocence.

Also known as: Wae Osujaeinga? /Why Oh Soo Jae?

Airs: Jun 3, 2022 – Jul 23, 2022, Airs On: Friday, Saturday


Status: Ongoing

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Air Date: Jun 3, 2022

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86 Comments to “Why Her (2022)

  1. First,
    I have no expectations from this drama and I got hooked. Its very thrilling. Every episode u wanted more. Lol
    Im so happy that In yeop finally getting the main lead male role. Deserved!

  2. Ahhh can’t wait for the last episode! I just want the story to continue!!! I hope its a happy ending for allll!!!!!✨

  3. The story goes far away and i like it !!! fyi all , so jae is older than go chang, it is said on episode 6 i think when her mothe said that if go chang was at her age it would be the pefect groom for her

    1. she said it coz she doesn’t know that chan was actually kim dong du and is practically the same age as soo jae

      1. Maybe but to be frank I didn’t notice very well !!!let’s wait for the rest episodes to see what will happen!can’t wait 😁


    1. then dont lol and ur wrong they do have chemistry and most of the viewers enjoy it if u dont wanna watch then dont but dont post ridiculous comments saying they haave no chemistry

    2. Then you get the fuck out
      No one need your stupid opinion
      Fyi in yeop doesn’t no who you are and he doesn’t care so get a life
      He is making his money after all
      You are wasting your life doing nothing but critisize people who has made it in life

    3. okay then don’t fucking watch it, just because you don’t enjoy it doesn’t mean other viewers don’t, u might have noticed the chemistry but it’s there, and HWANG IN YEOP IS PERFECT STFU.

    4. Lol u must be blind or something, go watch Hwang in yeop in true beauty you’ll be regretting your words after seeing him there

    5. you do know youre talking about a real person with feelings right? and the leading man being “not so goodlooking” is not a valid reason to not like the show

  5. Its on air every friday & saturday.but its don’t have the subtitles on the spot.you have to wait 24hr to watch it with english subtitles.just be patience.

  6. OMG when are the episodes coming out ? Especially when is the 9th episode coming out pls im so frustrated

    1. Its on air every friday & saturday.but its don’t have the subtitles on the spot.you have to wait 24hr to watch it with english subtitles.just be patience.

  7. This drama has so far kept me engaged; I’m usually skipping episodes because I can almost literally tell what’s going to happen next but this one has held my interest fast… This series is fire 🔥. Watch it if you’re not watching it already …

    1. I think they are in the same age rage because the first time they met was in jail as lawyer and jailmate.

  8. I loved this, I dont care about age gap since love cannot be define. I love how she glow up and deal with thing <3

    1. I think they are in the same age, they already showed that the first time they met was when he was in jail and she was his lawyer, it is more like experience gap idk, plus they wanted to make the actor fit in the university student character so the outfit and the make up are making him look younger and “modest”, while the main actress have a very strong character, let’s not also forget that she didn’t go to university, she is just a high school graduate, So, this all can justify that they can be in the same age.

  9. Does anyone know the age of the character In yeop plays? We know the actor himself is 31 this year but what is the age of the character he plays?

  10. i cant watch this drama…. the age gap, weird but whatever, but the dynamic of the relationship, even weirder

    1. Well that’s completely your perspective but age gap doesn’t matter and anyway in this drama it has to have age gap. Haven’t you seen lee dohyun drama 18 again and melancholia there is more age gap but they did pulled it off. I just hope you enjoy the storyline if still you don’t like it then leave it cause we all watch drama for fun amd relaxing anyway😊💞
      Have a nice day💜

  11. im confused…so did gong chan get surgery or something? why do they look like different people?

    1. No he got a surgery for sure. The difference is too huge to be a mere change. And when you look at his face you can see that it’s not his former face.

        1. He/she doesn’t mean that the real actor got his face fixed, but the character did and I think the character did have a plastic surgery or He just simply lost weight I don’t know…… My

    2. WHATS UP WITH THIS COMMENT, its a different actor. This actor plays Gong Chan as a 17y.o and Hwang In Yeop plays Gong Chan as 27 y.o

      1. He just played his younger version nothing else. Haven’t you seen other dramas 😂. No offense tho bro

    3. Just go with the flow..If your problem is why his face changed or whether he had plastic surgery,you got bigger problems sweetie😂😂

  12. When is it going to air??? I am eager to watch it….
    I need the exact timing so I don’t have to check drama cool every two minutes

  13. IM SO EXCITED , i just wish Hwang Inyeop will have a happy ending, he is now a main lead but they have said the drama has “a sad but beautiful story” . All i wish for is a kiss scene and a happy ending for the couple <3

  14. The only drama i am looking forward to,and waiting reckleslly from the start of the year😍🥰😍😍😍🥰😍🥰🥰😍

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