Woori The Virgin (2022) Episode 13

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6 Comments to “Woori The Virgin (2022) Episode 13

  1. i read spoilers n knew it was going to be who… n i wasnt tht happy… but now tht i m watching this episode… i dont think its tht bad.. it 🎇 nice

  2. So sudenly she likes the detective again? It’s clearly made up to make an entire episode out of it and it feels so forced, she shushed him out for good and now she like him bc of what exactly? Sudenly she is fond of memories of him? Like wth. This drama was fun in the beginning but now I watch it on 2x speed just to finish it 🙄

  3. the only thing I still don’t like and don’t understand is that they have never shown in memories things that were not shoot as part of scenario
    it would be so cool to have some scenes just like memories, short moments when one of drama characters trying to remember something that connects him/her with other drama character…..

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