A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 16

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10 Comments to “A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 16

  1. You know how this romance between the old man with three kids and a VERY young girl makes me feel? ❤️❤️❤️❤️??? OH NOT! I feel like 🤢🤮! Darn Pedophile! She’s so young, she’s still silly and he’s so old, he’s stupid. Looking to get strength from someone young enough to be your kid…and a girl at that? Someone so immature they can’t possibly fill the mom’s role these kids? Old man…you’re a totally selfish pile of poop!

    1. Wow Glee and yet you still watching, what an idiotic pile of poop 💩 you are mxm! Keep your selfish opinions to yourself this is a great drama and you know it too cause your still watching!!!

    2. Young enough to be his kid? They’re 14 years apart in the damn movie… do the math. Having a kid at 14 isn’t lol normal stoooopid

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