Again My Life (2022) Episode 1

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20 Comments to “Again My Life (2022) Episode 1

  1. when i started watching this drama, I found it too boring and similar to his other law drama. But story picks up momentum at 3rd episode, and it had hooked me then. its good to be able to know the future and change the direction of tragedies to give your enemy a taste of anger. Just Wow.

  2. Ummm… I find this really boring honestly. I do not see anything hooking on it as I keep watching episode one. The music is also very *too much* for me in my opinion. I love this actor he is amazing and one of the best so I doubt it’s because of him. But it’s probably not my jam since I don’t do really well with things like reality. Instead, I use dramas to get out of them and I hate the seriousness lol. But I gave it a chance and I really hope those that love this drama are having fun with it :). Have a nice day!

    1. From your comment, I’m really interested in finding put what dramas you would recommend and you personally enjoyed.

  3. As the very 1st episode it was very good, i was hooked. The story progressed at a very good pace and the story line was great. I hope following episodes to come keep/give the same energy .

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