Falling Into Your Smile (2021) Episode 31

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30 Comments to “Falling Into Your Smile (2021) Episode 31

  1. I didn’t think I was going to like it. But I ended up loving it can’t wait for season 2❤️❤️

  2. THANK U VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like it so much , i am so happy bcz i watch this drama , the end is perfect <3<3<"

  3. Truly enjoyed this Drama, was easy and light to watch whilst still leaving me wanting more each time! The chemistry between the actors was great and the overall acting just felt so real. I hope for a second season, though I don’t look forward to the wait lol.
    It would make sense to have a second series for this drama where they go to the World Championships with the same cast, essentially picking up right where this season ended.

      1. Ur right it does hit different that is why this drama is in my top 3 favorite drama shows
        which means that it’s my second favorite.
        I hope to see more episodes.

  4. I really miss this drama I love their chemistry I hope there will be new season of this drama. Thanks for subs and dramacool #Respect you for your hard work

  5. OMG!! 😭😭❤❤❤ this drama was super dope 🔥 I love it.

    I enjoyed the moment when Chubby started the battle song 😹😹❤😝.. hilarious 😹🔥. I’m hoping for season 2 😁🥳.

    Thank you for the hard work subbers! 😁👏🏼👏🏼🙏🏼

  6. It was really an entertaining series from start to finish. The story may be light but what matter most are the values along the dialogs. Aside from the artists being good-looking and pretty, they did not over react in acting. The phasing of the scenes are fast so they are not boring. Congratulations to the Director, Story Writer, Artists and the entire Team…YOU MADE A REALLY GOOD JOB! Thumbs Up !!! I like Fatty…he is a scene stealer. .his facial expression is superb . I watched some of Xu Kai’s series.

  7. I was entertained by this series. There are values involving young ones. The phasing of the scenes are not boring because they were fast. The artists are all good looking from the pretty girls to the handsome guys. They did not over do their acting… I like Fatty…he is such a scene stealer. Congratulations to the Director, Story Writer and to the Artists. I watched some of Xu Kai series. he is really good. THUMBS UP !!!

  8. Waiting for season 2…same cast please 😌😌😌 and please give Xiao and kai a cutelittle baby in season 2😁😁
    I will be missing u guys.. Thank you for the hardwork to make this drama possible 😘😘😘

  9. even theres some websites that has uploaded eps 31 with eng sub, im still waiting and be waiting for dramacool to do so… i just hope you know that theres some people who is waiting incl meee

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