Melancholia (2021) Episode 6

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4 Comments to “Melancholia (2021) Episode 6

  1. People who constantly blame others for their talent rarely achieve anything in life, and parents who constantly pump their children, for example, by allowing their student to do whatever they wanted or even say whatever they wanted to their parents, often result in that child developing a bad personality. Parents who only teach their children how to be greedy without also teaching them how to be altruistic will fail. However, I am aware that in order to survive in this world, you must be both greedy and altruistic, as both can save you in some situations. However, in this drama, the parents only teach the girl how to be greedy and blame others for their talent, as well as how to use dirty methods to achieve anything, and the girl grows up to be like that.However, I believe that if the parents taught the girl how to compete fairly, not to be envious of what others have, and not to be an attention seeker, her personality would have changed. Because I had a teacher who was similar to this teacher in this drama, for example, when we did something wrong, my teacher would always use one of my classmate’s work or ability to solve math problems to show us how it would have been better if we were like. However, I simply wanted to be myself, regardless of what the teacher said, and I ended up passing the class with a score of 90. To continue, I felt like the girl was being disrespectful to the teacher because of her parents’ position of power. I believe she felt free to do whatever she wanted because of this.

  2. What kind of logic is that a student can’t defend his teacher,a student can’t meet his teacher outside school,a student can’t present his teacher a wedding gift or any kind of gift?? What kind of logic is that?!!!

    1. She knows he likes her, so she knows this is wrong, clearly everyone knows that their relationship is more than the student and teacher one, even themselves, if you think it is okay for a minor and an adult have this type of relationship…. There’s bounderies, and he was crossing even knowing it was wrong….. She had to put a stop on this, what do you think? You think it’s okay to have this type of relationship with a teacher, what school did you went/go to, plz!!!

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