Mouse (2021) Episode 15

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12 Comments to “Mouse (2021) Episode 15

  1. This drama is fxxkng me up in real life, I was already low key expecting before that Bareum is the Psycho but after Yohan died they developed his character to be someone just possessed by Yohan’s Psycho behavior. And now they are revealing that he’s actually the real killer? I thought of this scenario before already but now that this is how the story is going, I feel so heartbroken that Seungi’s character is really the killer…….

  2. at the first time i thought that baruem is the killer .now its proved .but everyday this drama really driving me crazy .hahahahahahaha realy who made this saranghea…..

  3. omg when will be the ep 16 cant wait to watch it…i want to know if his the real son of the head hunter thats im very curious./….

  4. Un oh #reveal.. now confirm na cno killer. I like it.. good bago ka mawala bareum. Ubusin mo na muna mga psychopath..
    Psycopath vs psycopath

    I was low-key hoping BaRuem was the real culprit from the start. Now I can sleep knowing I’m right!!!
    I always wodered why they haven’t showed that kids face fully. Like duh? The kid resembles BaRuem a lot. Then why YoHan cried after getting shot and that small smirk BaRuem made gave me chills. Now I’m doubting that BaRuem is SeoJoon’s son hahaha. Damn it! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Thank you DRAMACOOL!!!

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