Mouse (2021) Episode 19

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12 Comments to “Mouse (2021) Episode 19

  1. Even after knowing that Jung bareum is the real poor heart don’t want to believe the fact.. and still want him to be not caught by the police .😅😅

  2. Even after knowing that Jung bareum is the poor heart don’t want to believe .. I still want him to be not caught by the police and alive…. he is already living with the guilt ….😢😢

  3. please dont disappoint me, please dont let dr lee is the mastermind…if my guess true.. it bad because i really guessed Jung bareum the real killer from beginning

  4. Hayss.. gusto ko ung hindi nila mahuli si ba reum. Idok ka kc sya hehe. Pero sobrang brutal nya dn kc. I hope kill nya nlng mga psycopatch bago sya mamatay. And then anak pla sya ng head hunter. It makes sense na.

  5. fuck this. I wanted the innocent guy to be murderes son as a proof that children doesnt always turn out as their bad parents

      1. I have nothing against Ba Reum being the murderer. I just didnt like the twist that he was the murderes son. I think it wouldve been better if he came from a “normal” family and the murderes son turned to be innocent. The series wouldve had much more impact that way, and viewers couldve learned a valuable lesson. But i understand why they decided to do the twist. I just didnt like it

    1. Nah fuck your opinion all the director’s make the same bullshit story of sympathy and etc to please kids likeyou.I am tired of the same shit again and again at the end they show children can be different and all I mean yes they can be in real life but I have seen enough of it in dramas I don’t mind the twist this show was great if you have problem watch True Beauty that type of show suits you kid

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