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16 Comments to “Mouse (2021) Episode 6

  1. My Ko Moon Won😭😭. He was always too much kind but at the end he was killed. I miss you. Well done Kim Young Jae, who played the role so good😊

  2. I think lee sung gi is the child who killed his whole family. I am really confused . This drama is so thrilling and confusing but very nice drama

    1. no, seunggi’s father got run off by a truck while saving a kid. dunno bout his mother since its only a brief moment when they show her and she’s pregnant in seunggi that time and he also have a psychopaths genes

    2. Nah I don’t think Ba reum killed his whole family, even though it was obvious he’s Han seo jun’s child cuz the nose was similar lmao. What I think happened is, his mom put him up for adoption or something, and that family took him in. Then who’s the doctor? I think it’s the child of the other woman Han seo jun’s wife met at Doctor Lee’s examination. Both of them are psychopaths, but it seems Ba reum is a bit different…he’s still a psychopath but maybe he’s got another goal that’s why he hides it. There probably has been a switch between the children but I’m not sure. Well this is all just my prediction lmao

  3. i can’t stop thinking and forming my own theories in mind since the day that this kdrama was first released. it is up to 20 episodes which means i will still wait for 2 months for it to finish and i’m already getting out of my mind like omg this is the best mystery kdrama i’ve ever watch.

  4. Hayop na yan litong lito na aq kung ano ba tlga role nya.. episode 4 sa dulo sya ang killer. Pero episode 5 fake video lng pla ng bata. And then episode 6 all the way ung doctor ang killer. And then bago matpos episode 6 pintay nya ibon. Sya ba tlga totoong killer. Hahaha umay na tlga.. nakakalito. At the same time. Nakaka excite next episode

  5. It’s Lee Seung gi. His character is the killer. 10 to one. In the Church, when he was watching Moo Wan cry and scream, he hid his face behind his hands. He was smiling. 10 to 1, he was smiling.

    I really don’t want it to be him. Oh Bong Yi said she was not alone because she had him. She had someone to protect her. I don’t her, I think I just got too in to the story, because if it’s him, I think I might feel betrayed too. I think that’s what the writers are going for. They’ll make us love him and root for. They’ll make us hate the killer and then suddenly, when we least expect it, they’ll reveal that the hero was really the villian all along.

    Fellow Fans, beware. Don’t fall for it

    1. Incorrect, Lee seung gis character was the innocent good person up until the point headhunters son kept bashing his head eventually lee seung gi woke up and because he was so severely concussed he woke up but from good to bad because he awoke his psycopath gene that was lurking deep beneath him they were both born psyopaths but as dr daniel lee said 99% are psycopaths 1% dont turn out to be psycopaths so basically lee seung gis psycopath gene was recessive but he had a genetic mutation after being so severely concussed by the other psycopath headhunters son.

      So the murderer has been killed/caught but now there is a new one because lee seung gi changed after being hit in the head soo much his psycopath gene awoke he really used to be the good innocent character but after his psycopath gene awoke from the head beating he went through he awoke a opossite person he always had the psycopath gene but it was dormant now it’s awoken.

      So now there’s a new serial murderer they need to catch this time it’s the former good guy.

      Author101 you clearly wasn’t paying enough attention during the episodes.

      1. This was exactly also my theory! However, the scene where he cried when the pastor was hung up in the church seemed so forced.. and almost fake which makes me wonder otherwise again.

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