The Game: Towards Zero Episode 2

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9 Replies to “The Game: Towards Zero Episode 2

  1. He could’ve explain that MC saw the Schoolgirl in some cafe, but no, the writer decided that the Mcs being dumb instead.
    Why character in mystery/ thriller drama/ movie always bad at explain things? Jesus…

    1. Because in real life you would have done the same. Few days ago , I saw two people fighting almost killing each other,but I couldn’t even call 911 because I was in so much shock and my heart was beating so fast. Good the man who can see death agreed to help find the girl. If he didn’t, I would be so mad 😠

  2. I couldn’t bring myself to review this show at the end of episode 1, because the way that it ended with a cliffhanger made it seem like it could just be one of those dark stories that just keep spiralling downwards into a pit if gratuitous violence, horror, brutality and despair.

    By the end of episode 2, it seems clear to me that the writers understand what they’re doing. We’re in good hands, with the writers leading us through a story woven with some very interesting subplots forming. They’ve created openings to pursue those subplots to run parallel with the main storyline; lead us down other paths to throw us off the scent, only to pull us back into the main plot again. A grpping tale, similar to a haunted rollercoaster ride at a fairground, or theme park. Just when you think you know what’s about to happen, you’re yanked hard left, or right; and some unforeseen monster jumps out at you from the darkness.

    The establishment of characters is nicely done. All believable in their own right. At no time did I question their actions, or words to the point of incredulity. If I had such a power, I can only imagine how difficult life would be. At some point I may even become inured to seeing how everyone I look at dies. That’s how I saw the main character. He sees it… indeed, has seen it so many times before… knows that he hasn’t been able to do anything about it before; and is simply resigned to accepting that he’s cursed with such a ‘gift’. Most intriguing is that he can’t see one particular person’s death. It seems inexplicable, but is obviously vital to the climax of the main plot.

    I’ve enjoyed Ok Taecyeon in other performances; and he seems perfect for this role, as with previous roles. He’s being well cast; and not stereotyped too much.

    I definitely recommend this series.

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