The Penthouse 3: War in Life (2021) Episode 7

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84 Comments to “The Penthouse 3: War in Life (2021) Episode 7

  1. Not me tryna find spoilers in the comments and seeing people complaining about episodes, like BE SMART, people uploading these things have lives and take out of their time to put up subs for us, you aint gon’ die if you wait

    1. Ikr they are making it all a big deal.They just have to be patient because the people who post this are putting so much effort but people don’t act smart and just think its gonna take bot long to put subtitles 🙄.

  2. Episode 8 will air in Korea this week because last Friday night, the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was airing at the timeslot of The Penthouse 3. It was postponed to this coming weekend. So, we have to wait for the upload after the next episode will air in Korea.

  3. Seriously I really felt some sympathy towards chairman joo dan tae having seen how his mum was and sis were killed cruely

  4. Let’s wait for substitle and the next episode. .if Ppl r so discourages the ppl preparing it pls stay patient 😫😌

      1. Episodes come every Friday and the subtitles would take like a day to be finished probably and it’s not their fault cuz it’s not as easy as that.So everyone has to wait one week and a day just to watch the episodes but you just have to wait.

  5. not at the toxic people wanting the next episode to be released as quick as possible with subtitles immediately as if there are no other dramas that exist in this website that needs to be uploaded and subbed too 🙄

        1. I don’t think you guys know but the episodes is being postponed to the 30th of July on subs cause of the olympics so it’s impossible for them to sub it when episode isn’t even posted yet just to clarify cuz u ain’t getting till next week

  6. Finally! It has sub..
    Btw follow me on insta
    @officialll_anime24k and @dramashows11 for tv show and anime. Ect…

    1. Have some patience the episode comes every Friday do you think it’s easy for them to give you subtitles?? It would take like a day for them to finish it completely its not as easy as you think so have some patience. 9 hours is nothing compared to the work they have been doing so please have some patience.

  7. the most popular or one of the most popular dramas does not have subs after 8 hrs????? this episode is shorter than the others too lmao

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