Why Her (2022) Episode 7

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15 Comments to “Why Her (2022) Episode 7

  1. Both the Choi sons are trash. One is an incompetent idiot that has to always ask his daddy for help after messing up, the other chooses to live in denial while hypocritically pretending to be better than his family. Bro please, you’re one crime away of being just as bad. What annoys me is that she keeps making rookie mistakes. Why did she give the dashcam video to the guy who clearly told her he’d betray her? Why did she stay in a house that she didn’t have the legal rights to? It’s not like she really enjoys living in that house, she doesn’t even sleep in the bedroom.

  2. “we got it, its over” nah bitch what we understood is that ur gonna be kicked out if ur job and TK will be ruined bc her students & chan wont let this go, embarrassing lmao

  3. hiiii, im a fan of this drama and im absolutely loving it!! could anyone tell me what is the song that plays in the outro of this ep? (ep7), if it even has a name? that would be soo great! thanks yall <3 enjoy the drama

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